Your iPhone 13 has a HIDDEN trackpad that will make texting easier!

In our series of iPhone tips and tricks, today we will tell you how to edit text easily on iPhone 13 and some other models.

The iPhone 13 comes with several cool features including FaceTime, Siri, and a great camera especially after the release of iOS15. Then there are some iPhone 13 hidden features that many of us are not aware, but which can really make your job easier. One of them is the iPhone 13 hidden trackpad. This hidden feature makes it pretty easy to delete, rewrite or edit text especially when you’re writing a long text message or an email. You will need your finger to move the cursor and edit any part of the text. The iPhone 13 trackpad comes with a magnifying bubble that enlarges the text underneath your fingertip as you move the cursor.

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However, if you find it difficult to move your cursor with your finger, there’s an alternative option as well. You can unlock the hidden iPhone 13 trackpad using 3D Touch by pressing anywhere on Apple’s stock keyboard on your iPhone 13 on the other models supporting iOS 9 or higher. Notably, this feature is not available for older iOS versions. In this article, we have shared a step-by-step process to access the trackpad hidden in your keyboard. Here’s how you can enable the hidden iPhone trackpad.

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