You can watch amazing star Mira at PEAK brightness with naked eyes! Know when and how

You can watch amazing star Mira at PEAK brightness with naked eyes! Know when and how

The amazing star Mira is about to reach its peak brightness this week and you can watch it with naked eyes! Know everything about this star.

Although stars can be seen across the sky on a nightly basis, here is one whose brightness is about to peak and you can actually watch it with naked eyes. It is none other than the “Wonderful Star” Mira, which is expected to reach its peak brightness, and possibly even be visible to the naked eye. This star is part of the constellation Cetus the Whale, or commonly known as Sea Monster. Why is this known as a wonder star? Because of its special ability to vary in brightness by a whopping 250-fold over a span of around 11 months! During this phase, the wonderful star Mira varies in brightness from 9 magnitude or less, that is visible only with a telescope, to 3-4 magnitude, which is visible with naked eyes.

According to the American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO), the peak brightness of Mira will occur around July 13, shining at around magnitude of 3.4. A Space. com report says that Mira was actually shining at a magnitude of 2.1 last year in August 2021, while, earlier in October 2018, the star was at magnitude 3.3, which is closer to its normal maximum brightness. It is predicted that Mira will again shine at its peak soon.

Why Star Mira is special

Star Mira is not visible generally from late March to June to sky-watchers in mid-northern latitudes. The reason behind its limited time visibility is its closeness to the Sun. From March to June, it is too close to the Sun. However, you can catch this Wonder Star with the unaided eye for about 6 weeks before it reaches its maximum brightness and even over two months after the peak point. If you are excited to catch the Wonder Star Mira in the sky at its peak brightness, then know this upcoming week is the only chance you will get.

Where to find Wonder Star Mira

Mira is part of the constellation Cetus, which is usually recognized as a fall constellation in November. During that time you can find this constellation by simply stepping outside during the evening hours and glancing in the south-southeast sky. But in July, to catch this wonder star in the sky, you will need to get up before the break of dawn around 3:30-4 am in the morning and look up towards the southeast portion of the sky.

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