WordleBot: All you need to know about your daily Wordle companion

WordleBot: All you need to know about your daily Wordle companion

WordleBot has been launched by the New York Times to judge your Wordle skills. Know how it works and how you can use it.

Wordle, the online word game has taken over the internet and it is still ruling strong. It has become a daily routine for millions of people. The game was developed by Josh Wardle and thereafter it was bought by the New York Times. Now, the new owner has unveiled WordleBot, an optional feature designed to check your Wordle results and judge your skills. Players also receive an overall score for luck and skill on a scale between 0 and 99. Here’s all you need to know about WordleBot.

How does WordleBot work?

The tool judges the game based on three categories: Skill, Luck and Steps. The Skill attempts to figure out if the player has minimized the expected attempts required to make the correct guess while Luck describes whether their choices eliminate more solutions than expected? And Steps is fairly self explanatory about the number of guesses taken by the player. WordleBot chooses the word that will allow it to solve the game in as few steps as possible at each turn of your Wordle game or each attempt. It also reveals how each player’s score stacks up against others.

The New York Times replied to one of the users in the Q & A section that the WordleBot may serve as a tiebreaker of sorts for those who are involved in competitive text chains with friends and family. They wrote, “If a Wordle took you five turns but you answered more efficiently than your friends, WordleBot may provide some bragging rights. If you did everything right and were simply unlucky, it will tell you that too.”

How to use WordleBot?

Using the WordleBot is pretty simple and easy. If you have played today’s Wordle, then head straight to the WordleBot page i.e, https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2022/upshot/wordle-bot.html. Once you go to the site, it does the rest. Users can even upload a screencap of their Wordle to analyze their play.

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