Wordle 345 answer for May 30, 2022: Today’s word will take a toll on you! Check Wordle hints, clues

Wordle 345 answer for May 30: Wordle seems to be making it difficult for you to maintain the winning streak by throwing tough 5 letter words to crack over the recent period. So, check the Wordle hints, clues, and solution to get the solution.

Wordle 345 answer for May 30: It is not going to be an easy word to guess today! After rolling out really difficult to crack answers on the weekends, Wordle is continuing the trend on the first working week day. The more tough the word gets, the more difficult it becomes for you to maintain your winning streak. So, today, you need to make a random guess of a word containing letters that are used frequently like A, S, O, among others. If you are still not able to figure out the Wordle word, don’t waste your efforts and chances as it may take a huge toll on you, if you know what we mean. You can check the Wordle hints, clues, and solution provided here. 

Wordle 345 hints and clues for May 30, 2022 

Have you planned any strategy for cracking today’s Wordle challenge? You should know that the 5 letter Wordle answer today is not a commonly used word and also comprises letters that rarely come together. It has a lot to do with dream holidays in the ocean somewhere. Check today’s Wordle hints, clues, and solution now. 

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Wordle 345 hints and clues 

1. Today’s Wordle word contains two vowels.

2. The Wordle word of the day begins with a vowel- A.

3. The Wordle word ends with L.

4. The vowels are not consecutively placed.

5. The letter L repeats itself.

Now with the above mentioned hints we hope you will be able to figure out the letters used in today’s Wordle answer. After which you will have to place them accurately to form the word which turns all the letter boxes green. Go give it a try. All the best. However, if you fail due to any reason and are only left with the last 2 attempts then you can check the Wordle answer below. 

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Wordle 345 answer for May 30 

CAUTION! Wait, think twice before checking out the answer. If you want to get the Wordle solution yourself, you should not read further or you will end up spoiling your game. But, if you want to know the answer then it is right below!

The Wordle 345 answer is ATOLL. It is a noun and refers to a ring-shaped island formed of coral (= rock-like natural substance) that surrounds a lagoon (= area of sea water), according to the Cambridge dictionary.

Well, here you go! You win today’s Wordle challenge. All the best for the next Wordle word that is Wordle 346 and come back here tomorrow to know the hints, clues and solution for Wordle 346.

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