Wordle 314 answer for April 29: Do not ever give up! Check Wordle hints, clues, solution

Wordle 314 answer for April 29: If you are concerned about losing your streak, you are at the right place to ensure that does not happen. Just check our Wordle clues and hints to guess the word easily.

Wordle 314 answer for April 29: It’s Wordle 314 today. The mathematics enthusiasts will recognize it as the Wordle Pi day. For those who did not get the reference, π is a mathematical constant, approximately equal to 3.14. Interestingly, Pi and Wordle have a lot in common. Both are non-repeating and extremely complicated to calculate. But while we cannot help you figure out all the digits in Pi, we can definitely help you figure out today’s Wordle. Today’s word should not be too complicated for you but one should never take unnecessary risks when resources exist. So make sure to check out our Wordle hints and clues before you attempt today’s puzzle. And in case you still struggle, you can always check out the solution at the bottom. 

Wordle 314 hints for April 29 

This is our spoiler-free zone, so do not worry about accidentally finding the answer. Here, we will offer you 5 clues to guess the word. Feel free to stop at any clue if you think you have enough hints to figure out the answer on your own. The fifth clue is a riddle that is going to make guessing the answer a piece of cake. We are sure these are sufficient for you to find the answer. But if you find the game extra-hard today, you can check the solution at the bottom.

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Wordle 314 clues for April 29

1. Today’s word has only one vowel.

2. The word begins with H.

3. The word ends with Y.

4. The vowel is A.

5. Biggest hint: The word rhymes with Tasty.

The last clue was really all you needed. Now go out there and give the game your best effort. We are sure you have successfully increased the life-span of your win streak. But if you still cannot, then don’t worry. Simply scroll down and check the answer. But beware, a win like this may not feel like much of an achievement.

Wordle 314 answer for April 29

SPOILER ALERT! Do not read any further if you are not looking for the Wordle 314 answer. However, if you are ready to check it, then take a look below.

Last chance. The answer to Wordle 314 is right after this line.

The word of the day is HASTY. It means “done with excessive speed or urgency; hurried”. We hope you were not too hasty with today’s Wordle and you got your win. Also, today’s Wordle interestingly has the same last three letters as yesterday’s Wordle.

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