Wordle 304 Answer for April 19: Cracked the puzzle yet? If not, here are Wordle hints, clues and solution

Wordle 304 Answer for April 19: Struggling to crack the Wordle 304 puzzle today? Check Wordle hints, clues and solutions to save your winning streak.

Wordle 304 Answer for April 19, 2022: Wordle is like a ‘brain-cleanser’! That’s how US Vice President Kamala Harris describes this internet sensation. Recently, Harris voiced her love for the game in public. She is not the only one. Wordle has become a daily-routine for millions of people in no-time at all. Not just that, the game might be the same for everyone, but players have devised their own unique strategies and tricks. The most incisive strategy is the one that starts with a word that has a decent combination of vowels and consonants. Needless to say, everyone has her or his own favourite word for the first try. For America’s vice president, the starting word is NOTES.

You must have your own set of first words too. If not, prepare them! Because you are going to need them today to succeed. After yesterday’s confusing word, which was FLAIR, today’s Wordle throws another word that will test your range of knowledge and the tactics you have worked out to solve it. Still, if you face any difficulty in trying to maintain your winning streak, then we are here to support you. Find the Wordle hints and clues below, and solution too at the end. 

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Wordle 304 hints for April 19, 2022 

This space is ‘Spoiler-free’! We are here to just help you make the guess without revealing the answer. Let us tell you, the word won’t be that easy to get with just one clue. You might need more. Hence, here are more clues to the Wordle 304. 

Wordle 304 hints today 

1. You have two vowels in today’s word.

2. Both the vowels are separated by a consonant in the middle

3. The middle letter is Y.

4. There is no repetition of any letter.

5. Biggest clue: It relates to a specific space at the entrance to a building!

That was way too direct! Hope these clues will make you find your way to the correct solution! Know that a great winning streak can be achieved and maintained. Kamala Harris has maintained a 100 percent winning streak! But if by any chance you couldn’t find the right word, then don’t worry, we have the Wordle 304 solution for you. Check below. 

Wordle 304 Answer for April 19, 2022 

SPOILER ALERT! This space has no clues, we are just about to reveal the solution of Wordle 304. If you are still trying then don’t read it further! However, if you are in danger of losing all your chances then go on to check the Wordle answer which is right after this.

The Wordle 304 answer is FOYER. which means ‘an entrance hall or other open area in a building used by the public’. Same that we usually see in a hotel or theatre.

All the best for tomorrow’s Wordle! We will be back with Wordle 305 hints, clues, and of course the answer!

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