Wordle 295 Answer for April 10: It is a DARK theme! Know Wordle puzzle hints, clues and solution

Wordle 295 Answer for April 10: A new Wordle challenge is here. Check the Wordle puzzle hints and clues here to crack today’s answer.

Wordle 295 Answer for April 10: It is the weekend and an easy breezy Wordle solution is there for the picking. However, as we have all found to our cost, no word is simple to crack. So, to help you figure out the answer in minimum attempts here are some Wordle hints and clues. At the end, and this is a spoiler alert, Wordle solution too has been provided. Nevertheless, weekends are meant to be enjoyed and hence Wordle has come up with a simple word of the day challenge today. You may not need to ponder a lot in cracking today’s 5 letter word. But don’t forget, you need to solve the Wordle puzzle in only 6 attempts. Therefore, before making any random guess make sure it brings you a step closer in figuring out the Wordle 295 answer.

All set to know Wordle 295 hints and clues? Before we bring the hints and clues to you, if you are a new Wordle player here are the rules of the game you must know. You randomly need to guess a 5 letter word and wait for the letter boxes to get highlighted with Green, Yellow, or Grey. These highlights will let you know which letters are included in today’s Wordle answer.

If the word guessed by you contains the correct letter at the right place then it will get highlighted with Green. Yellow colour box will indicate the correct alphabet at the wrong place. While Grey box refers to the letter which is not there in the 5 letter Wordle word of the day. Therefore, the first word which you guess should contain the letters which are commonly used like A, S, R, among others.

Now you can check today’s Wordle hints and clues here and crack the answer!

Wordle 295 Clues for April 10, 2022:

Don’t worry we will not disclose the answer here to spoil your game. You can just have a look at the hints to solve today’s Wordle.

Wordle 295 hints and clues

1. Today’s Wordle word of the day has only one vowel in it.

2. The word starts with a B while it ends with a K.

3. No letter repetition is there.

4. Biggest hint: It is the name of a colour and can be your favourite one too!

Here is all you needed! You have the clues and good luck for today’s Wordle. We hope you will be able to figure out the word with the help of these hints. But if you want to know the Wordle 295 answer for April 10, 2022, then have a sneak peek here.

Wordle 295 Answer for April 10, 2022:

Hold on! If you want to solve the Wordle 295 challenge yourself, then you need to stop reading here. But if you are tired of trying and want to know the answer before your attempts end then keep reading.

The answer for today’s Wordle that is Wordle 295 is BLACK. And you are done!

How many of you have this colour as your favourite?

We will be back with Wordle 296 hints and clues tomorrow. Till then you can try playing other word games like Absurdle, Quordle or even Lordle of the Rings.

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