Why your bed is not complete without a topper

Investing in comfy sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers makes a bed pretty comfortable. But if you want to upgrade your sleeping experience, you can’t avoid a mattress topper.

Mattress toppers transform the sleeping experience by providing an upgraded level of comfort: They support the contours to your body to ensure that you won’t sink into your bed or experience a stiff back or neck from a mattress that’s overly firm.

7cm Mattress Topper

7cm Mattress Topper

But what is important when looking for the right topper? Bedsure, a manufacturer of home textiles, reveals what is essential to look for when purchasing one:

Unparalleled comfort
Good mattress toppers feature a design that is engineered for comfort, such as the “7-zone design,” which is designed to provide optimal support for different areas of the body through seven different support zones. This means that the back, waist, and legs are supported with varying degrees of firmness and comfort. Once you lie down on the topper, it adjusts to your weight and body contours.

High quality material selection
Because memory foam has a very good, so-called restoring force, it provides selective support for the body, which is usually expressed in a slightly firmer lying feeling. The firm, breathable foam distributes the weight evenly and can thus reduce pain in the back and hip area.

Ideal air circulation
The cover of the topper should not be neglected! You should urgently go for breathable climate fiber, which is well made and thus protects the topper and at the same time allows air to pass through. Toppers with an anti-slip underside also effectively prevent the mattress from slipping and are suitable for sleepers who move a lot at night and frequently change their position.

High hygiene requirements
Toppers should have a zipper mechanism (or something similar) that allows the outer cover to be removed for washing. In addition, another good indicator here are independent certificates, such as the Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

Bedsure- mattress topper 140x200cm can be ordered directly here: https://www.amazon.de/dp/B07TZ2GKF8?th=1. Bedsure guarantees a one-month return and replacement service.

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