WhatsApp working on HIDING phone numbers! Check latest update

WhatsApp is working on a feature called phone number sharing option for a future update which will let users hide their phone numbers to certain sub-groups.

WhatsApp is a messaging application where you can either chat with a person individually or form a group. If you are being added in a group with someone else, it is possible that there will be participants in the group you will not be knowing. However, you will still be able to see his/her mobile number and vice-versa. But, now WhatsApp is working on a option using which you will be able to hide your phone number to certain sub-groups of a community. It feature called phone number sharing option is being worked upon by the online messaging app for a future update.

Informing about the same WABetaInfo tweeted, “WhatsApp beta for Android what’s new? WhatsApp is working on hiding phone numbers to certain sub-groups of a community thanks to a phone number sharing option, for a future update of the app!” According to a report by WABetaInfo, after the new WhatsApp beta for Android update, the phone number sharing option can be discovered right within the section group information.

Also, the option of phone number sharing is disabled by default. This means that as soon as you will join a community, your phone number will immediately be hidden. However, in case you want to share your number with a certain sub-group of a community, you are free to do so.

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It needs to be noted that, this privacy option is only limited to communities and they are still under development and hence, the release date for the same is not yet known.

WABetaInfo via another tweet also informed that official status update will be rolling out today, August 6. It further informed that voice messaging will now get easier. Users will be able to speed up to hear the story faster, keep listening while chatting with others, and can even record, pause, continue voice messaging when ready.

“Official status update is rolling out today: Voice messaging got easier Speed up to hear the story faster. Keep listening while chatting with others. Record… Pause… Continue when you’re ready. Express and connect more. @WhatsApp,” the tweet read.

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