Wait, Is That Bradley Cooper? Internet’s Query On US Shoplifting Suspect

Wait, Is That Bradley Cooper? Internet's Query On US Shoplifting Suspect

Georgia: The police in Georgia, US, are looking for a suspect accused of shoplifting.

The police in Georgia, US, are looking for a suspect accused of shoplifting. The law enforcement has issued an appeal on Facebook seeking information on the whereabouts of the man. But wait, this is not the end of the story. The police have also shared a photo of the suspect and many believe that he resembles Hollywood actor Bradley Cooper. 

In the picture, the man is wearing a grey T-shirt and sporting a cap. According to the Henry County Police Department, he stole a “Bosch Rotary Laser Kit” from a store in McDonough, Georgia.

As soon as the suspect’s picture, which is a screengrab of CCTV footage, was released on social media, people quickly flocked to the comment section highlighting his striking resemblance to the Hollywood star.

“Dang. Is that Bradley Cooper?” one user asked. 

Echoing a similar sentiment, another wrote, “He resembles the actor Bradley Cooper, I think.”

Some even pointed out that while the actor has a well-sculpted physique, the suspect looked quite out of shape. 

“He looks like an out-of-shape Bradley Cooper,” a person wrote. 

Another too chimed in and said, “Looks like Bradley Cooper went off his diet.”

In the middle of this, a user seemed to be making sure that he was not alone to spot the bizarre similarity. “I came to comment that it looked like Bradley Cooper. Glad I wasn’t alone. But seriously is this not a prank? Is it not BC [Bradley Cooper]?” the comment read.

A few did not miss the opportunity to poke fun at the incident. “He is fighting for your freedoms…Let him have that stuff,” said a user while referring to Bradley Cooper’s character, Rocket Raccoon, in the Marvel superhero film Guardians of the Galaxy.

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