Twitter is testing Vibe Check feature! Here’s everything you need to know

Twitter is working on a new feature that will allow users to set status.

Twitter is reportedly testing a new feature that will allow users to set status. Dubbed as a “Vibe Check” feature, it was first spotted by Jane Manchun Wong, a researcher and reverse engineer who is known for keeping a track of upcoming app updates. She tweeted, “Twitter is working on “Set a status” in Tweet Composer, codenamed “Vibe.” You can think of it as something similar to Instagram Threads app’s Status.” She even shared a screenshot of the same showing a “Set a status” tab just above the tweet box. That’s not all but there is also a dropdown list that has five pre-set vibes including “Lurking Twitter”, “shopping grocery” and “driving highway.”

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However, as of now it’s not clear if the statuses will be limited to presets or users will be able to add custom updates.

The upcoming feature has also been spotted by Alessandro Paluzzi. In a recent tweet, he shared, “Twitter is working on Vibes… It should also be possible to add an emoji, perhaps it is something similar to the feeling/activity option of Facebook posts.”

All we know so far about Twitter Vibe Check feature

The Twitter status feature is similar to the Facebook “feelings/activities” feature appended to posts. However, it could be on a per-tweet basis with each post having its own, or on a profile basis with the status appearing on tweets and on the profile view. The exact launch date of the new feature is yet to be revealed.

Meanwhile, Twitter has also started testing a new feature that will let users unmention themselves from conversations or discussions that they don’t want to be part of. The platform itself shared the same via a short clip on its Twitter Safety handle shows. It will not only allow users to untag themselves from a particular tweet but they will also be able to untag themselves from the original tweet and all replies pertaining to that conversation.

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