Stranger than fiction: Male mice are Terrified of THIS; Know how to get rid of rats

A new scientific study has found a strange thing that male mice are scared of. If you are struggling with mouse infestation and want to know how to get rid of rats, then just do this.

Rat infestations are the worst! Even one mouse entering your home can destroy your peace. These rodents can not only cause financial loss by biting through your clothes, wooden furniture and food packages but can also spread diseases. But oftentimes, it gets hard to catch and throw away these pesky creatures. Especially if you do not want to kill them, it can be very difficult to get rid of them. But, a new study has come up with an interesting finding that can actually be useful to you. If you can use this knowledge well, you might never have to see another mouse enter your house. Want to know how to get rid of rats? Read on.

A new study from McGill University has found out that male mice are afraid of bananas. This report was published in Science Advances and it focused on the olfactory signals (smell-based signals) pregnant and lactating mice send to keep their offspring safe and scare away predators. It turns out that these female mice produce a chemical signal that tells other mice to stay away as well as increase the stress hormone.

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How to get rid of rats? Study finds banana as a viable option

The study analyzed various such chemicals released by mother mice and tested its effectiveness against the males. The study found that one chemical signal in particular was more effective than others. The n-pentyl acetate, which is released in the urine of the female mice, causes high levels of stress for the males.

In a statement, co-author of the study, Sarah Rosen said, “What is likely happening is that female mice are signaling to males who might be considering attacking their babies that they will defend them vigorously”.

Interestingly, this chemical is also responsible for giving off the ripe banana smell. The correlation is clear. Rats, at least the males, do not like the smell of a banana. So, a good way to safeguard your house from these pesky rodents is to keep bananas in your home. And if you already have a rat inside the house, you can try keeping bananas near the areas it frequents.

While we cannot assert if the study has been properly peer reviewed, it is worth a try to get rid of the rats without killing or harming them.

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