Speed king? Google Assistant will SOON remember your voice to interact swiftly

Speed king? Google Assistant will SOON remember your voice to interact swiftly

‘Hey Google!’ experience to get better with new features that are coming to Google Assistant. It will even recognise your voice! Know how this will work.

Your Google Assistant will soon get more personalized with this new update! Back in March of 2021, Google incorporated federated learning on Android smartphones to improve the accuracy of the buzzword ‘Hey Google’. Interestingly, now Google is prepping to take a big step while bringing a new “Personalized speech recognition” feature to help Google Assistant get better at recognising the common and frequent words and names. This will be an important step towards improving its smart assistant experience. Not just that, it seems that if the Google users on Android will opt-in for an improved Google Assistant experience, then the system will be able to store as well as analyze your own voice with the “Personalized speech recognition”.

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According to a 9to5Mac report, the “Personalized speech recognition” feature will appear in Google Assistant settings with a description that reads, “Store audio recordings on this device to help Google Assistant get better at recognizing what you say. Audio stays on this device and can be deleted any time by turning off personalized speech recognition. Learn more.” Also Read: Get up close and personal with the latest Microsoft Teams features- check benefits for you

How will Google Assistant benefit you?

Storing and analysing one’s voice will increase reaction time and accuracy because the Google Assistant will become familiarized with the user’s voice and commonly used terms. The assistant will also have access to Google’s servers, which will collect and analyze summaries of other users’ voice models. The feature will most likely allow for more advanced command and contact name recognition. Also Read: Google Drive finally has this popular feature to make your task easier!

This upcoming feature seems to expand the existing machine learning-based improvements beyond the “Hey Google” recognition feature for Google Assistant. The report mentions that several 2nd-gen devices such as Nest Hub and Mini already use a machine learning chip which locally stores and processes the most common queries for quick response time. And now, the feature may expand from smart home devices to Android smartphones too.

Luckily, due to privacy concerns, this will likely be an optional feature for Google users. You may be able to change it from the Assistant Settings. Well, while turning off Personalized speech recognition, Google warns that Assistant will be less accurate at recognizing names and other words. Unfortunately, when the feature will be rolled out and how much improvement it will have is still unknown.

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