SKY broadband is FREE for 3 months; Know how to get it

UK based broadband service Provider is giving away 3-months of free broadband subscription.

Broadband service provider Sky has just announced an exciting offer that lets you avail superfast broadband for free. Shocked? Well! You heard that right. Sky Broadband Superfast, which offers average speeds of around 59Mbps, is offering three months of free to new subscribers letting them watch their favorite content without having to pay a penny. The free three-month deal is active from today, August 5 and will be available till September 1, so hurry up! Users can stream Netflix in 4K, make Zoom calls and surf the web at ease. However, before you jump into excitement, do note that there are certain terms and conditions applied. Check out the details of the deal here

Sky three-months free broadband service

The Sky three months free broadband access is available only for those who subscribed for the service for 18 months. In this deal, subscribers will get totally free broadband access for the first three months and then they will be required to pay £30.50 for the remaining 15 months. It is still one of the cheapest broadband services for the customers in the UK as its competitor Virgin Media is currently charging £34 per month for its 50Mbps service and BT is charging £30.99 for similar speeds. That makes both of these rivals to Sky more expensive over an 18-month term.

Not only Sky broadband but Community Fibre, has also slashed the price of its 1Gbps speeds subscription to just £25 per month. Hyperoptic is selling its fast 1GB broadband with 900Mbps speeds from £30 per month.

If your current contract is up, do some research about your local area and who is supplying broadband in your street as you might be surprised by how much you can save whilst getting faster speeds.

New and existing fibre customers on Superfast 35, Superfast, Ultrafast, Ultrafast Plus and Gigafast can get benefitted too as they are covered by Wi-Fi guarantee with no added cost.

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