Sidhu Moose Wala’s College Roommate

Two days after Sidhu Moose Wala’s murder, his friends and family, many of whom live outside the country, are still in disbelief and shock.

His college roommate and best friend Pushpdeep Chahal holds the government responsible for the murder. “It is wrong to link Sidhu with gangsters, he couldn’t be involved in anybody’s murder. He was a humble, god-fearing man.”

Moose Wala studied electrical engineering at Guru Nanak Engineering (GNE) College, Ludhiana, in 2012-16.


News18 spoke to his friends, some of whom mentioned that it was common knowledge that he started getting extortion threats soon after he gave a hit song. He was asked to give copyright of his songs. But his friends maintain they never discussed these things when they met him. Most maintained that he was a down-to-earth man, quite opposite of what he appears in his songs.

Chahal, who now lives in Canada, said he was sleeping when the news came in. “My friend woke me up. I couldn’t believe it. I went numb. I am thinking of his parents. How will they deal with the death of their only child?”

“For me, he was a brother. We used to stay together, eat out together. He used to ask me to drive his Bullet Enfield and would sit behind, writing songs. He would tell stories of Tupac whom he considered his idol, how he rose to stardom and how he was assassinated,” said Chahal, his voice shaking.


He said, “It is very disturbing. He was killed exactly like Tupac. The coincidence is unbelievable. He used to talk about all details. Tupac too mentioned the date of his death in one of his songs, Sidhu too (pointing to his song 295). Tupac also sang a song about his death like Sidhu. Both were killed brutally.”

Many on social media, too, are comparing the two incidents.

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Avtar Singh, who was Sidhu’s junior in college and was in culture committee with him, said, “Sidhu used to host youth festivals. We saw him standing behind artists and rising to stardom. He worked hard for it and always remained humble. He would come to college even after completing his degree and would host festivals,” he said.


Moose Wala’s college principal, Sahijpal Singh, remembered him as a shy, docile student who would always touch his teachers’ feet. He would give so much respect to his teachers, even more than his parents. All teachers loved him. “It is an unbearable loss to us,” he said.

“Sidhu was very passionate about music, he would participate in every festival. He was so full of life,” he said.

Singh mentioned that Moose Wala performed in the college in 2021. “He said although he performed on every stage possible, his legs always shake on his college stage.”

Sidhu was loved and criticised for his songs, his videos and love for weapons. His principal said he was in a profession where he had to write larger than life songs, but in reality, he was a humble person.

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Many artists told News18 he was in complete contrast to the songs he wrote. Gurpreet Ghuggi mentioned, “When you met him, you realised how much he loved his parents.”


Sidhu’s roommate Chahal said: “He loved using weapons in songs, but he never promoted them for attack. He never promoted gangsters. He always took them as a way of self-defence which is rooted in our tradition. I can never believe he was involved in any gang or in someone’s murder, which is being propagated.”

“People listened to his songs, appreciated them. People don’t listen to soft music. The artist also has to earn,” he said.

Chahal asked for a detailed investigation in Sidhu’s murder. “They can’t give an excuse that he did not take gunmen with him. Law and order is the government’s responsibility.”

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