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India home to world's most affordable health care facilities, it is fast emerging as medical tourism hub: PrezBhopal, President Ram Nath Kovind on Saturday said India is providing the most affordable medical facilities in the world and people from abroad, especially the neighbouring nations, visit the hospitals in the country to avail the health care services.

He also said that India is fast emerging as a medical tourism hub.

“India has the cheapest medical facilities in the world and in the hospitals, especially in Delhi, people from neighbouring countries are found getting treatment more than the local patients,” Kovind said after inaugurating ‘Arogya Manthan’, a conference on the topic ‘One Nation, One Health System’ organised by RSS-backed Arogya Bharati here.

Referring to the coronavirus pandemic, Kovind said a disease started plaguing the humanity two-and-a-half years back. “Only one or two per cent people remained unaffected by it,” he said.

He praised the country’s scientists and doctors for their efforts in developing a vaccine against COVID-19 that saved the lives of people.

“Hundred years back, when a pandemic broke out, it killed crores of people at one go. But the situation has now changed with the development of vaccines,” the president added.

He said that during his recent visit to Jamaica and Saint Vincent, he participated in eight functions wherein the leaders of those countries praised India for providing anti-coronavirus vaccines to them in the hour of need.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi provided 50,000 Covishield vaccine doses each to Jamaica and St Vincent free of cost. The top leaders of both the countries did not get tired of praising India for its humanitarian gesture,” he said.

President Kovind said that while he focused on enhancing the bilateral ties between India and the countries he visited, the leaders there were more interested in knowing about India’s medical facilities.

“India is fast emerging as a hub of medical tourism, where health care facilities and institutional treatment are available easily,” he said.

Under the National Health Policy announced in 2017, the government aims to make quality health care services accessible to everyone at affordable rates, he said.

“It is also the aim of this policy to arrange health facilities for all in a comprehensive and holistic manner. To achieve these goals, cooperation of all sections of the society, especially the aware citizens, along with the participation of government and private sector institutions is essential,” Kovind added.

Praising Arogya Bharati, which was established in Kerala to provide health care services, the president said its team is active in 85 per cent districts of the country.

The thinking of Arogya Bharati is very clear and simple – when every individual is healthy, all the families will be healthy, if each family is healthy then every village and every city will be healthy and this way the whole country will be healthy, he added.

“In this context, Arogya Bharati has made a very positive effort by raising awareness among the people and by bringing together people from all medical systems. It is working in line with the national goal of prioritising preventive and promotive healthcare by paying special attention to prevention of modern lifestyle diseases,” he said.

Madhya Pradesh Governor Mangubhai Patel and Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan also spoke on the occasion.

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