PM Modi’s Top Quotes from UP Investors’ Summit

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Friday that Uttar Pradesh will give momentum to India’s growth story and the youth of the state have the ability to give wings to the dreams of corporates and businessmen.

Addressing the third Uttar Pradesh Investors Summit in Lucknow, PM Modi said, “Your dreams will be realised by the commitment and passion of the youth. We are the fastest-growing nation among other G-20 countries. Our government followed the mantra of reform, perform and transform.”

Here are PM Modi’s top quotes from the summit

– The next 25 years would be ‘Amrit Kaal’ where new goals and new efforts would propel the country towards higher heights.

– The investment of Rs 80,000 crore will bring thousands of job opportunities for the youth and write the growth story of the state

– Only our democratic India has the power to meet the trustworthy partner the world is looking for today.

– Today the world is also looking at India’s potential and appreciating India’s performance

– A record investment in UP will provide great employment opportunities. This shows the growth story of Uttar Pradesh.

– We are the fastest growing of the G20 economies.

– Today India is at number two on the Global Retail Index.

– India is the third-largest energy consumer country in the world

– Last year, a record FDI of $84 billion came from more than 100 countries of the world.

– India has set a new record by exporting merchandise worth more than $417 billion that is more than Rs 30 lakh crore in the last financial year.

– Recently, the NDA government at the Center has completed its eightyears.

– Over the years we have gone ahead with the mantra of Reform-Perform-Transform.

– We have laid emphasis on Policy Stability, emphasis on Coordination, emphasis on Ease of Doing Business.

– We have worked to strengthen India as a nation with our reforms. One Nation-One Tax GST, One Nation-One Grid, One Nation-One Mobility Card, One Nation-One Ration Card.

– For faster growth, our double engine government is working together on infrastructure, investment and manufacturing.

– The allocation of unprecedented capital expenditure of Rs 7.50 lakh crore in this year’s budget is a step in this direction.

– In this budget, we have announced the creation of a chemical free natural farming corridor within a radius of 5-5 km on both the banks of the Ganges.

– In UP, the Ganges is more than 1100 km long and passes through 25-30 districts here, great potential for natural farming is going to be created here.

– Before 2014, we had only a few hundred start-ups. But today the number of registered start-ups in the country is also reaching around 70 thousand.

– More recently, India has also set a record of 100 unicorns.

– In 2014, there were only 65 million broadband subscribers in our country. Today their number has exceeded 78 crores.

– In 2014, one GB of data used to cost around 200 rupees. Today its price has come down to Rs 11-12. India is one of the countries in the world that has such cheap data.

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