Plasma therapy useful if given within 3 days of hospitalisation, says Lok Nayak Hospital, Health News, ET HealthWorld

NEW DELHI: A study conducted on 400 Covid patients admitted at Lok Nayak Hospital has found that convalescent plasma with adequate antibody titres should be transfused in Covid-19 patients, along with standard medical treatment, in the initial three days of hospitalisation for better clinical outcomes.

The study, which was conducted in the year 2020 by the hospital, has been published in The BMJ. For this study, patients with a history of allergy to plasma, multiorgan failure, HIV, viral hepatitis, cancer, uncontrolled hypertension and diabetes, among other serious conditions were excluded.

The patients for this study were given two doses of 250 ml of convalescent plasma on consecutive days. It included other investigational drugs like Remdesivir and Dexamethasone approved by the government authorities for Covid-19 patients irrespective of the treatment group.

“All the patients were monitored daily until clinical improvement or up to 28 days as per the ordinal scale. At the plasma collection centre, up to 500ml of convalescent plasma was collected from recovered Covid-19 patients,” the study stated.

During plasma transfusion, mild allergic reactions (urticarial) were observed in three patients, managed by an antihistamine with symptomatic relief. No other transfusion reactions were observed in the convalescent plasma group.

“The primary outcome measure was time to clinical improvement, defined as a reduction in ordinal scale by two points or live discharge, whichever was earlier up to 28 days. Secondary outcome measures included the proportion of patients in each treatment group based on the ordinal scale at 48 hours, 7days, 14 days and 28 days, duration of O2 therapy, Intensive Care Unit stay, hospital stay, the proportion of patients on mechanical ventilation at day 7, mortality in both groups at 7days, 28 days,” the study added.

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