Not happy with Google Meet? These updates will change your experience on iPhones, PCs

Not happy with Google Meet? These updates will change your experience on iPhones, PCs

Left alone in the Google Meet? These new Google Meet updates will provide a much better experience to you.

Google Meet is a great way of communication especially when you are working from home. Surely, during the pandemic, everyone must have understood the true potential of Google Meet video calling feature. From attending office meetings from home to online classes for college and school students, Google Meet was one of the top video-calling platforms when the pandemic was raging. Having said that, there are always some unhappy times on GMeet. How many times have you ended up in an awkward situation of being alone in a Google Meet? Or, left your audio or video on unintentionally? Very embarrassing, indeed. Fortunately, Google now has a solution to fix your most embarrassing meeting moments!

In a blog post, Google has revealed two new improvements for Google Meet to help users have a better video conferencing experience. Google has announced it will roll out two new improvements for Google Meet users. The updated features are available for Google Meet users on desktop and iOS devices such as iPhones. Read on to know what is going to change for the better for you on Google Meet.

Host management menu update

One of these new improvements in Google Meet is the centralized location for the controls used by meeting hosts to manage calls. Right now, host and co-host controls can be found in multiple locations in Google Meet. Now with the latest Google Meet update, it will be a more user intuitive experience. Google mentioned that it has consolidated all host and co-host features in a single, central location under the “Host controls” menu. “We hope this change makes it easier to manage your meeting settings by reducing the need to switch between various menus,” Google mentioned. This update is only for desktop Google Meet users.

Leave empty call reminders

To save you from an unusual situation where you are the only person in a meeting, Google will prompt you with a message to leave the meeting. With the update, when you’re the only person in a meeting for five minutes, Google will send a prompt pop-up message asking whether you want to stay or leave the meeting.

Google also mentioned that “We hope that this feature will help prevent situations where your audio or video is unintentionally shared.” This feature will be available on desktop and iPhones. Well, Android users will get this update soon.

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