Nitish Kumar Snubs Prashant Kishor

Nitish Kumar Snubs Prashant Kishor

'Someone's Opinion Not Important': Nitish Kumar Snubs Prashant Kishor

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said Prashant Kishor’s opinion is “not important”.


A day after Prashant Kishor criticised his 15-year rule in Bihar and declared a mission to bring in “new thinking and new effort” to revive the state, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar was dismissive of the comments. Prashant Kishor’s opinion is “not important”, the truth is, he told reporters today.

“You people know whether we have done good in Bihar or not. Someone’s opinion is not important. What is important is the truth. People know our work. You all know what work has been done and how much work has been done,” Nitish Kumar told the media.

“Since you know, I request you to give the response yourself. When someone says anything, we should respond to the comments but in this case, you can do that yourself, since you know what the reality is,” he said.

On Thursday, election strategist Prashant Kishor said “30 years” under Lalu Yadav and Nitish Kumar had left Bihar the most backward and poor state in the country.

“The amount of truth that is there in their claims of development of Bihar during their respective tenures, it is also a truth that even after the 30-year rule of Lalu Yadav and Nitish Kumar, Bihar is the most backward and the poorest state of the country,” said Prashant Kishor.

He said the last 15 years had not gone well for Bihar, reserving a more scathing critique for Nitish Kumar, his one-time party boss who initiated him into politics as the Janata Dal United Vice President but later sacked him.

“Bihar still stands at the lowest level in most of the parameters of development. If Bihar has to come in the category of advanced states, we cannot reach there walking on the same path as in the past 10 to 15 years,” said Mr Kishor, popularly known as “PK”.

He did qualify his comments, saying a lot had been done on Nitish Kumar’s watch in infrastructure, like roads, bridges and health care, but asserted that a lot needed to be done as Bihar was still at the bottom rung.

PK also tackled questions on avoiding meeting with Nitish Kumar and even standing him up on Sunday.

“I have no personal fight with Nitish Kumar. We have very good relations. But personal relations is one thing and working together and agreeing is different. If Nitish Kumar calls me for a meeting, I will have to go. But that doesn’t mean we agree on everything and that will work together,” he said.

“Nitish ji was like my father. But it doesn’t mean I cannot have a separate political journey,” added the strategist.

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