Monkey has fled with murder weapon, Rajasthan cops tell court | India News

JAIPUR: Trust a cheeky monkey to get away with murder — or rather snitch a bag containing 15 pieces of evidence such as the killer’s knife from the safe custody of Rajasthan’s cops. This has put a monkey wrench into the trial of a man’s murder at a lower court in Jaipur.
Police said they had gathered evidence and confiscated the murder weapon after a missing youth named Shashikant Sharma was found dead at a primary health centre in Chandwaji police station area of Jaipur in September 2016. After the body was found, relatives and neighbours demanded im- mediate action and blocked the Jaipur-Delhi highway.
Police arrested Chandwaji residents Rahul Kandera and Mohanlal Kandera after five days and charged them with murder. They were tried at the additional district judge’s court.
But the bag containing evidence was kept under a tree at the police station as the auditory or malkhana had no space.
When the court recently ordered police to produce the articles of evidence, the cops said in a written statement that the bag was stolen by a monkey.

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