Meteor hits Earth, fireball explodes in atmosphere, shocking boom rocks Indiana

A meteor exploded in the atmosphere over Earth recently. The horrific meteor explosion left residents in Bloomington, Indiana shocked. Check the details here.

Whenever the word space is mentioned, pictures of planets, stars, asteroid, comets, meteors, Sun, Moon, Galaxies, etc. creep instantly into our minds. Things in space not only excite us but they can even impact our life in various ways. We all know about meteors falling on Earth. And in the most recent incidents of a meteor hitting Earth was recorded in Bloomington, Indiana. As per a report by, at precisely 12:44 p.m. EDT (1744 GMT) on March 30, a meteor exploded over Indiana. The impact was shocking for all those who felt or saw its impact. In fact, surrounding counties were literally shaken by the sound of a massive explosion.

The event was captured in a security camera. After hearing the loud sound of the explosion, locals quickly took to social media to know what actually happened. They were shocked and surprised to know that a meteor had just exploded above their heads. According to the report by, a local Facebook group titled “What’s that noise?” was one of the many places people flocked to with speculation about the source of the explosive sound, which was reported to have been heard for several tens of miles.

A local resident Adrienne Evans Fernandez posted a post which was flooded by comments stacking up with rumors of fires at a nearby naval base, military tests, a motor vehicle accident and more. But as we know none of these incidents actually took place.

According to, Evans Fernandez, who was first to pose the question in the popular “What’s that noise?” group, said that her thoughts jumped straight to the possibility of an earthquake. “I actually thought for a hot second it was the [primary wave] of the earthquake we’re supposed to always be prepared for,” she told

Nancy Lee, a commentator on Evans Fernandez’s initial online post, also recorded footage of the event with her Ring camera, which managed to capture the “boom.” Everyone wanted to know what could have made the explosive boom.

“Twelve reports were made to the American Meteor Society, spanning over one hundred miles apart, detailing accounts of a fireball’s descent and trajectory heading northward, as the outer space object made its way over Northern Kentucky toward Indianapolis. These chance sightings helped to ultimately solve the mystery of the “boom” over Indiana which, as it turned out, was a “fireball,” sometimes called a bolide, which is a bright meteor making its way through Earth’s atmosphere from space (and burning up along the way),” the report by said.

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