Meet India’s first virtual influencer Kyra

India’s first virtual influencer Kyra has almost 100k followers on Instagram.

Virtual avatars are all the rage these days blurring the line between reality and fantasy. These avatars have an uncanny resemblance to human beings. Now, India has its own virtual influencer called Kyra and she has become quite a trend on the internet. She has been termed “India’s first Meta-Influencer” and has become very popular with nearly 100,000 followers on Instagram.However, she is not human. In fact, India’s first virtual influencer has actually been created by Himanshu Goel, the business head at Top Social India.

Goel launched Kyra a few months back. Her Instagram bio is “dream chaser, model and traveller”. The account is handled by a team of content creators and collaborates with brands. She was soft-launched in December 2021, but her official date of birth is January 28, 2022. Talking about Kyra, Goel told Hindustan Times that his company is focused on Kyra “as an entire business” and eventually she will be independent and unrelated to an agency. He said, “Even now, the name of our brand isn’t part of her profile.”

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Kyra has over 98.9k followers. Her target audience is the age group between 18 years to 26 years. Out of all the followers, Kyra has nearly 90 percent of the virtual influencer’s followers are Indian from cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, and Bengaluru.

The photos and reels of Kyra are astonishing people on social media. Users have been surprised to know that Kyra is actually a digital avatar. In March, she even participated in a Metaverse fashion show, where global fashion brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Dolce & Gabbana participated.

Goel shared that there was no certainty about how audiences would react to Kyra, however, the response is pretty encouraging. He said, ““We didn’t know how audiences would react. Would they even know of the concept? But the amount of engagement Kyra got was encouraging, even though there were some trolls. We are getting 1k new followers a day.”

Kyra follows in the footsteps of virtual influencers like Rozy or Lil Miquela with millions of followers. Though there aren’t any tie-ups with brands announced yet, Kyra is likely going to be a strong contender in the marketing sector considering the trends so far with other such similar influencers.

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