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Marengo CIMS Hospital treats a 107-year-old woman with 99% blockage in the heart with angioplasty and stentAhmedabad, 7th June 2022: Marengo CIMS Hospital creates history in treating the world’s oldest patient, a 107-year-old patient from Madhya Pradesh (MP) through angioplasty to restore the normal functioning of her heart. The patient after having a heart attack in MP, was brought to the Marengo CIMS Hospital where her angiography showed a severe 99% blockage of the arteries of the heart. A frail woman presented a significant challenge in itself, let alone conducting a procedure to revive the condition of the heart. Marengo CIMS Hospital clearly established yet another milestone in clinical excellence by successfully treating the centenarian who was miraculously mobile by herself within three hours of the procedure.

The team was headed by Dr Keyur Parikh, Interventional Cardiologist and Chairman Marengo CIMS Hospital, assisted by Dr Chintan Sheth, Cardiac Anaesthesiologist. Dr Parikh is armed with a significant experience of over 37 years of angioplasty (In USA and India) and has conducted one of the highest in the number of angioplasty and stent procedures ever in last 35 years of Clinical Practice.

Jamnaben suffered a heart attack. When the family recognized the urgency of getting her treated for her heart condition, they did not hesitate to bring her to Marengo CIMS Hospital. It was sheer love and determination of the entire family to bring this lively 107 years aged woman to Ahmedabad over a journey of almost eight hours.

Patients as young as a 1-day old and as old as 107-year-old has been treated with interventional cardiology and cardiac surgery at Marengo CIMS Hospital and that, is an enviable record. The record of a 90+ year old international patient from Kenya, John White, with a British/Kenyan Citizenship treated for CABG (Bypass surgery) still stands unparalleled in India. In the case of Jamnaben, the challenges were beyond age. The radial interventional procedure needed the patient to be healthy enough for doctors to find a radial artery in the wrist which was accomplished successfully. Marengo CIMS is one of the very few hospitals in India conducting regular Cardiac intervention to 1-day old babies to Cardiac Surgeries in 1 kg babies and innumerable patients in 80’s and 90’s years of age and now over 100 years, including the only centre in Gujarat doing Heart Transplants of almost all viable ages over the past few years.

Dr Raajiv Singhal, Founding Member, MD & CEO, Marengo Asia Healthcare said, “Age should never be a limitation to healthcare delivery. The average longevity in India is increasing and is almost at par with Japan or Norway positioned at 74 years and 81 years respectively in women. With the changing face of healthcare, our goal is to position healthcare delivery to our geriatric patients as identical to the younger patient population.”

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