Lucknow University To Offer Course In Philosophical Counselling

Lucknow University (LU) is planning to offer a new course in Philosophical Counselling and Consultancy in the philosophy department from the next academic year. Meanwhile, LU will be the first University in Uttar Pradesh to offer this course.

LU To Offer Philosophical Counselling Course

“The goal of the course, which will be launched at the undergraduate level, is to generate high-quality qualified professionals in applied/practical philosophy, which would involve counselling and consultancy for organisation,” stated Professor Rakesh Chandra, head of Philosophy Department.

“The planned course will be launched as an optional in philosophy, as well as a special programme as a vocational course for all new entrants in the coming session, in agreement with the New Education Policy 2020,” he added.

“The Department of Philosophy would seek trained professors from worldwide with the help of Delhi University. The department will also provide philosophy of education as an elective, with Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. BR Ambedkar being instructed as contemporary thinkers,” Prof. Chandra said.

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“If you are concerned about a job change, a relationship, a profession, or the meaning of your life, the philosophical counsellor will walk you through your values. How do you want to be remembered? For wealth, power, love, status, or happiness? In 1980, the Philosophical Counselling emerged as a new specialty in the United States,” he stated.

“When confronted with doubt and moral quandaries, the philosophical counsellor will accompany you, connecting your issues to broader fundamental thought. Using five critical thinking techniques, conceptual analysis, phenomenology, thought experimentation, and creative thinking, “added Chandra.

After prominent business strategist, philosopher, and author Peter Koestenbaum published his book “The New Image of the Person” in 1978, a new field of philosophical counselling emerged in the 1980s.

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