Leinster beat Knights Leinster won by 39 runs – Leinster vs Knights, Ireland Inter-Provincial Twenty20 Trophy, 6th Match Match Summary, Report

In the end the Lightning managed to pick up the final wicket in time to pick up that bonus point. Although with no Knights batter able to get above 19, the match was never really in doubt.

The Lightning took regular wickets throughout the Innings with Simi Singh finishing with four wickets.

It’s a shame that the Knights couldn’t have run things closer in front of their home fans, but the truth is that they did look the weakest of the four teams on show and end the weekend pointless.

Simi Singh has just been named the player of the match, quite right too.

So a 39 run victory means that the Lightning pick up five points for the win and stay in third place on the table.

It’s been an excellent, if not warm three days here at Comber. This Thursday we are back at Stormont for the IP50 game between the Warriors and the Knights, hopefully you’ll join me then.

Thanks for following along, this is Justin saying goodnight from Comber.

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