IPL 2022, LSG vs RCB Highlights: Bangalore beats Lucknow by 18 runs as du Plessis, Hazlewood sizzle

IPL 2022, LSG vs RCB Highlights: Bangalore beats Lucknow by 18 runs as du Plessis, Hazlewood sizzle

Hello and welcome to Sportstar’s coverage of IPL 2022 Match 31 between Lucknow Super Giants and Royal Challengers Bangalore. This was Lalith Kalidas bringing you the updates as action unfurls in Navi Mumbai.

du Plessis: “
Due to the nature of this ground, you do run a lot of twos and towards the end, it can be tiring. I got a few 96, and a 97, so hopefully (a ton) is around the corner. We needed someone to stabilise the innings and then get going at the back end. Important that I am able to follow my blueprint of batting. If you bowled slow into the wicket to the big boundary, it never felt like you had enough power to clear that boundary. I was tired, but was still hoping that I could hit some at the end. Early in the innings, there was help for the bowlers and they did get us in trouble but we found a way. Our bowlers then stuck to the plans and when you do that on a ground like this, it’s tough for the batters. At the moment, lot of teams at the top, and many in the middle, and when that happens, it’s always a scramble (for playoff spots). But that’s out of our control. We need to just working on our strengths and we actually can get better in a few things. Need one guy to bat through consistently, but we haven’t had that frequently. DK has saved us quite a bit, hopefully today is a stepping stone in that direction. Before the last two games, it (death bowling) was a concern as we were getting hit in areas we shouldn’t have been. But in the last two games, we’ve got hit to where we’ve wanted to. Harshal has been exceptional, watch out for him, he’s going to be special for the rest of the season too.”

Faf du Plessis is the Man of the Match.

KL Rahul: “I think we started really well after getting two wickets in the first over, to give away 50 in the Powerplay, we should have done better. 180 on that pitch was 15 or 20 runs extra that we gave away. The pitch was sticky. We got the early breakthroughs we were looking for but we couldn’t squeeze in the middle. We needed one big partnership – we saw what Faf did for RCB – I think we needed one batter in the top three or four to play a long innings and for other batters to play around with him but we couldn’t get that. We didn’t get partnerships and we couldn’t get a squeeze on with the ball. We have a really good team. I’m happy with how we’ve been playing. Yes, a couple games where we could have done better, against Rajasthan and here today we put them under pressure but we couldn’t sustain that for a bit longer. When we’re up, we have to keep the opposition down and restrict them to as low as possible and that’ll make batting easier chasing.”

RCB’s Josh Hazlewood: “It’s always a challenge there at the end when batters are coming hard but we obviously had that big side there to try to use and I thought we used it pretty well all night. Faf’s been brewing. He’s had a few lean games coming off but tonight he took his time and kept the score going along and finished with a bang so credit to him.”

Remarkable comeback from the Royal Challengers to hold off the Super Giants. Led by du Plessis’ stupendous 96 and an all-round effort by its bowlers, RCB has managed to trump Lucknow and move up to second spot in the points table.

LSG 163/8 in 20 overs: Holder advances but Harshal follows him with a quick bouncer, all the way to the keeper.  Length and Holder lifts the ball over mid-wicket for SIX with his long levers. Prabhudessai puts in a full-fledged dive but fails to get a hand to it. Harshal rushes one onto Holder’s bat and he fails to clear the fence.  SIX. In the slot and Holder smokes the ball over cover for another maximum. Harshal rushes one to Holder’s ribs and he sends it a long away up before Siraj completes a fine catch at fine leg. There it is. RCB win by 18 runs!  Jason Holder c Mohammed Siraj b Patel 16 (9b 0x4 2×6)

Lucknow needs 31 runs in 6 balls.

LSG 151/7 in 19 overs: Stoinis moves to his right and Hazlewood fends one wide. Well, umpire Gaffaney does not extend his arms and Stoinis is displeased but musters a wry smile. Bowled him! Hazlewood drills one in to the blockhole and finds the inside-edge. Stoinis is livid with himself and screams in frustration. This chase seems all but over with Hazlewood’s fourth scalp tonight. Superb stuff from Hazlewood. Chameera fails to open his account for two balls as Hazlewood continues to fire in the yorkers with perfection.

Lucknow needs 34 runs in 12 balls.

LSG 148/6 in 18 overs: Slower one from Harshal and Stoinis manages a single. A couple of singles to follow. Stoinis fails to pick Harshal’s variations to have a go at him. Harshal’s cheeky dipper nearly squares up Holder. He gets some wood on the ball to fetch a single. Thick outside-edge from Stoinis and it races past Karthik for FOUR. Single to finish and Stoinis retains strike.

Lucknow needs 44 runs in 18 balls. Harshal returns.

LSG 138/6 in 17 overs: Slower bouncer from Hazlewood, Stoinis arches back and slams it through mid-wicket for FOUR. Single to follow as Badoni’s back on strike. Badoni shuffles across and Hazlewood follows him. He attempts a paddle but there’s an edge! Karthik pouches it safely and Hazlewood picks his third wicket.  Holder is the new man.

Ayush Badoni c †Karthik b Hazlewood 13 (13b 2×4)

Hazlewood is back

LSG 128/5 in 16 overs: Hasaranga fends short and Stoinis muscles the ball over long-on for SIX. Lucknow is not out of this, not just yet. The players head into the TIMEOUT as Lucknow needs 54 runs from 24 balls.

Hasaranga replaces Maxwell

LSG 117/5 in 15 overs: Siraj fends full and wide but Badoni manages to ramp the ball over Karthik for FOUR. Three dots to follow as Siraj continues to maintain his line away from the wickets.

LSG 110/5 in 14 overs: Krunal begins with a fierce cut behind point for FOUR. Short and Krunal pumps it straight to deep mid-wicket. The bowling change works as Maxi forces Krunal to clear the longer fence. Stoinis joins Badoni.

Krunal Pandya c Shahbaz Ahmed b Maxwell 42 (28b 5×4 2×6) .

Maxwell into the attack

LSG 104/4 in 13 overs: He starts off with a seething bounce to Pandya’s ribs. Hooda goes for the upper-cut and finds Prabhudessai at third! What a catch from the youngster. But hold on, the umpires are checking if the delivery is the second bouncer in the over. No qualms whatsoever and Hooda has to walk back. Ayush Badoni in at 6. Badoni’s off the blocks with a helicopter flick through mid-wicket for FOUR!

Deepak Hooda c Prabhudessai b Mohammed Siraj 13 (14b 1×4)

Siraj is back

LSG 99/3 in 12 overs: Harshal draws one wide and Krunal’s heaves hard at it. The ball flies off the outside edge to third for FOUR. Harshal retracts to familiar lines and the batters struggle to find room for a slog.

Harshal returns

LSG 88/3 in 11 overs: Hooda lifts Shahbaz downtown but an excellent dive from du Plessis saves a boundary at long-on. Shahbaz loops one in and Hooda misses his sweep, well away from his reach. The ball seems to have brushed the edge as Karthik grabs it and flicks the bails in a flash for a stumping appeal. The replays suggest Hooda’s well within the line, almost lying flat on the surface. Another miscue from Hooda gets the leading-edge just over Kohli at point. Living on thin ice at the moment.

LSG 83/3 in 10 overs: Hasaranga strays to the pads and Hooda employs a firm sweep down to backward square leg for FOUR. Exceptional striking from Krunal Pandya! Hasaranga tosses on in and Krunal lofts the ball with the spin over long-off for SIX!

Wanindu Hasaranga enters the attack

LSG 72/3 in 9 overs: Hooda joins Krunal. Shahbaz loops one in and Krunal tonks the ball over long-on for a massive SIX. He seems to be in his element tonight.

LSG 64/3 in 8 overs: Wow. Krunal greets Harshal with a swat through cover for FOUR. A single to deep point to follow. Magical from KL! Harshal offers the slightest of width and Rahul’s supple wrists puts it neatly behind backward point for FOUR. Harshal follows up with a quick bumper that sails past the keeper for FOUR. Harshal slides a slower one down leg and there’s subtle excitement among the fielders. Seemed like the over was done without the umpire signalling a wide. But hold, on! There seems to be a review. The replays suggest a faint nick and Rahul has to go!  Cracking review from RCB in the last second to get the big fish.

KL Rahul c †Karthik b Patel 30 (24b 3×4 1×6)

Harshal Patel into the attack

LSG 50/2 in 7 overs: A lot of hefty running as Shahbaz continues pick the right lines against KL and Pandya.

LSG 44/2 in 6 overs: Siraj touches full and Krunal creams the ball down the ground for FOUR. Overpitched and Krunal squeezes it through cover for another delectable boundary.

Krunal Pandya in at 4. Siraj to complete the PowerPlay.

LSG 33/2 in 5 overs: Short from Hazlewood and KL swivels across and pulls the ball to the fine leg fence for SIX! 6000 T20 runs for KL Rahul. Pandey on strike. There goes another. Hazlewood strikes once again! He rushes Pandey with a bouncer who pulls one straight to mid-wicket.

Manish Pandey c Patel b Hazlewood 6 (8b 1×4)

Fastest Indians to complete 6000 T20 runs (innings): KL RAHUL – 166*
Virat Kohli – 184
Shikhar Dhawan – 214
Suresh Raina – 217
Rohit Sharma – 228

Rahul is the third-fastest overall behind Chris Gayle (162) and Babar Azam (165).

LSG 24/1 in 4 overs:
Rahul nudges one the first ball to point and finds a quick single. Pandey follows with a push down to deep extra cover. Beauty from Shahbaz! The left-armer slides one in quickly towards the middle stump and finds pronounced drift to square up Pandey. A thick edge flies quickly past Karthik for FOUR.

Shahbaz Ahmed replaces Maxwell

LSG 17/1 in 3 overs: A couple of singles from de Kock and Rahul. Short from Hazlewood and Rahul handsomely swivels across for the pull, but finds on a single to mid-wicket. Edge and taken! Hazlewood angles one across and de Kock bites the bait. The ball drifts of a diving Karthik off the edge but Maxwell ensures a safe grab at first slip. Manish Pandey in at 3. A fine tempter outside off first-up from Josh and Pandey lets it go.

Quinton de Kock c Maxwell b Hazlewood 3 (5b)

Josh Hazlewood replaces Siraj

LSG 14/0 in 2 overs: Maxi operates from around the wicket to Rahul. Turn on offer and he slides one down leg for a wide. Similar lines once again and KL glides it fine and finds two runs. Maxwell follows Rahul as he attempts for a scoop. The ball whiffs past the top of middle. Rahul flicks the last ball for a single through mid-wicket.

Maxwell from the other end. Probably for his match-up with Rahul.

Glenn Maxwell (bowling) vs KL Rahul in T20s: 4 innings, 2 wickets, 20 runs, 18 balls.

LSG 9/0 in 1 over:
de Kock with a firm position to cover first-up and sets off on a single before sending Rahul back. A run-out opportunity first up but KL covers his ground. A crackerjack from Siraj. The ball thuds into de Kock’s gloves off the pitch. He winces in pain and the physio runs in to have a look. Rahul takes guard. Siraj continues to fire the ball in line for the off-stump. Rahul manages to keep it off the sticks with a push. Meanwhile, Kohli is the stand-in captain for RCB at the moment. du Plessis is yet to take field. All class from KL! Siraj offers a hint of room and Rahul gracefully pushes it through cover for FOUR. Sriaj tails it in this time and Rahul quickly puts it across mid-on for another FOUR.

Mohammed Siraj takes the new ball. Quinton de Kock on strike.

Back for the chase. du Plessis’ charge to the field and they are followed by LSG openers, KL Rahul and Quinton de Kock.

A light show dazzles DY Patil Stadium in the innings break.


RCB’s top-order fallacies continued once again as Lucknow made a cracking start with the ball. Young Rawat and an under-fire Virat Kohli found themselves in the shed within the first over. While Maxwell’s exuberance offered a quick recovery, Lucknow dipped Bangalore further with a couple of more wickets. The onus was on skipper du Plessis to bail his side out and he led the act brilliantly, pacing his innings to perfection.

Karthik in death overs in IPL 2022: 7 innings, 148 runs, 231.25 SR, 148.00 AVE, 12 4s, 12 6s

RCB 181/6 in 20 overs:
Deary me, Faf misses another full toss that slides to his pads. He gets a single down to fine leg.  Slower one from Holder and DK finds the square leg fielder.  Scratch that. Stoinis spills a dolly in the deep and Karthik gets to the other end for a single. du Plessis with another single.  Excellent yorker from Holder and DK leads the ball to long-on for a single. Faf on 96. du Plessis holes out to Stoinis this time. Falls on his joint-best score of 96, unfortunate to have crossed the line this time after leading a sensational recovery.  A dot to finish as Harshal attempts a ramp but misses. Excellent from Holder, a wicket and four runs to finish. Faf du Plessis c Stoinis b Holder 96 (64b 11×4 2×6)

Highest scores for du Plessis in IPL
96 – CSK vs PBKS, 2019
96 – RCB vs LSG, 2022*
95* – CSK vs KKR, 2021
88 – RCB vs PBKS, 2022

RCB 177/5 in 19 overs:
Three singles on the trot as Avesh hits the blockhole. Avesh with a slower one outside-off and Faf lofts it to the deep and finds two runs. Faf misses another full-toss angling in as he flicks it to the deep for a single. DK yet to flourish, is this the time? Yes, it is! Wide yorker and Karthik gets in position in a jiffy to smoke it down the ground for a massive SIX!

RCB 164/5 in 18 overs: Quicker one from Bishnoi slides in to Faf who glides it fine and fetches two runs. du Plessis mistimes a pull to deep square and only manages two runs. Bishnoi tracks short and du Plessis punches it straight to the cover fielder. Back of the length again and du Plessis lifts the ball over mid-wicket for FOUR. Straighter one from Bishnoi and Faf manages to find another quick double after an excellent call for the second from DK. Short again and du Plessis slices it past short third for another exquisite FOUR. He moves into the 90s!

RCB 150/5 in 17 overs: Karthik gets a single first-up. Wide yorker from Avesh and du Plessis manages to blast the ball through extra cover for FOUR. He’s in some zone now. A shorter delivery from Avesh and du Plessis raises the ball over point and finds two runs. Full toss on to the hip from Avesh and du Plessis only manages a single to deep mid-wicket. Tight lines from Avesh. Karthik leans forward for a firm push and finds a single.

Avesh Khan into the attack. Interesting watch this – DK vs Avesh

RCB 140/5 in 16 overs: Holder cuts pace once again. du Plessis gets an inside-edge to mid-wicket and sets off on a risky single before sending his partner back. Holder manages to flick the bails off the throw and the umpires are going up for a review. Seems like Shahbaz is short of his crease. OUT! Shahbaz fails to make ground in time. He departs after another handy knock for his side and in walks Dinesh Karthik as the players take the TIMEOUT. Holder continues. In the blockhole but du Plessis manages to loft the ball over Holder for FOUR! A single to follow. Karthik off the mark first ball with a gentle flick to the on-side.

Shahbaz Ahmed run out (Rahul/Holder) 26 (22b 1×4 0x6)

Holder is back

RCB 130/4 in 15 overs: Krunal drops one short and Faf nonchalantly slams it through cow corner for FOUR. A touch full and du Plessis launches it straight back over the bowler for SIX! He’s upped a couple of gears in the space of a few deliveries.

RCB 117/4 in 14 overs: du Plessis picks the wrong’un and smokes it over long-on for SIX. High and handsome.  50th T20 fifty for Faf du Plessis. Stands up once again when his team needed it the most. High into the night sky and Bishnoi spills a hard chance running backwards. Shahbaz miscues his slog sweep and gets a top-edge that lobs straight over the bowler.

RCB 107/4 in 13 overs: Faf attempts a ramp and Chameera foils it with a quick delivery to the bottom of the blade. The ball from the cover fielder hits du Plessis’ hand while he takes a single and he’s in some pain.  Chameera mixes his lengths and pace as Shahbaz and du Plessis reel in hard runs.

12 overs done, we have officially entered the Dinesh Karthik phase.

RCB 100/4 in 12 overs: Bishnoi lands one on the full outside off and du Plessis thumps it down the ground for FOUR. Excellent running between the wickets as Faf finds two runs off a gentle push through mid-wicket. 100 up for RCB

RCB 92/4 in 11 overs: Krunal maintains his tight lines. Faf and Shahbaz rock to the back-foot and negotiates in singles. Five runs off it.  Krunal has been a silent performer for LSG in this season with the ball.

Krunal Pandya bowling in IPL 2022:

18 overs, 124 runs conceded, 4 wickets, Eco. 6.88

Krunal returns

RCB 87/4 in 10 overs: Holder starts with the off-cutter and Shahbaz slides it down to third for a single. Holder continues to roll his fingers along as the ball surprises Faf with a late spring. Holder gets another delivery to stand up from the surface. du Plessis is taken aback but gets some wood on it down to third for a single. Slower on the shorter side and Faf whacks it over mid-wicket for FOUR.

Holder to continue after the break

RCB 79/4 in 9 overs: Slashed and slashed hard. Shahbaz makes the most of a hint of room as he sends the ball past point for FOUR. Stonis drops in the slot and du Plessis drills the ball past Rahul at mid-off for FOUR. Rahul clutches his hamstring as the ball zips past him. TIME OUT.

Stoinis enters the attack

RCB 66/4 in 8 overs: Holder beats Prabhudessai’s outside-edge with a hard ball off the length. Up in the air and gone! RCB in disarray as Holder foxes Prabhudessai with a slower one. The youngster lobs it straight to the fielder at mid-on as Holder makes an impact within two balls. Shahbaz in at 6.  Top stuff from the West Indian, just the four runs off it.

Suyash Prabhudessai c Pandya b Holder 10 (9b 1×6)

Jason Holder replaces Krunal

RCB 62/3 in 7 overs: Bishnoi rushes through his over. The leggie oversteps and Prabhudessai tonks the free-hit for SIX over long-off. Bishnoi loops one in and du Plessis creams it through for FOUR, thanks to a misfield by KL Rahul at cover.

Ravi Bishnoi into the attack

RCB 47/3 in 6 overs: Krunal to Maxwell. GONE! A stunner at short third by Jason Holder! Krunal loops one in line for the middle stump and Maxwell unleashes the reverse scoop. The ball nearly parries over Holder who holds one hand out to complete a sensational catch. Only Holder could have got to that one!  Suyash Prabhudessai in at 5. Excellent from Krunal as RCB finds in a spot of bother at the end of the PowerPlay.

Glenn Maxwell c Holder b Pandya 23 (11b 3×4 1×6)

RCB 43/2 in 5 overs: Short and thumped by du Plessis over cover for FOUR. Avesh runs in a slower one and du Plessis gets off strike with a single to third-man. A steep bouncer from Avesh rushes past du Plessis to the keeper.  Seven off the over as Maxwell and du Plessis continue to deftly rebuild the innings.

Avesh switches ends

RCB 36/1 in 4 overs: A couple of straight deliveries before Faf nudges a single off Krunal. Maxwell continues his blitz, a fine slog sweep off the length races to the mid-wicket fence for FOUR. A couple of singles to finish another productive over.

Krunal replaces Avesh

RCB 29/1 in 3 overs: du Plessis slams Chameera’s hat-trick delivery over point for FOUR. Sumptuous timing from Maxwell to follow as he easily drives Chameera through cover for FOUR. Rahul’s surprisingly kept the arc between point and mid-off open. Across the line this time as Maxwell lofts Chameera for FOUR over mid-wicket. RCB putting the pressure back on LSG instantly. Bang! Short and Maxwell pulls it deep over square leg for SIX – 19 runs from the over!

RCB 10/2 in 2 overs: Maxi’s off the mark with a firm push past cover for two runs. Avesh keeping it tight throughout. A beauty to finish as he shapes the ball away past Maxwell’s leaning outside-edge.

Avesh Khan from the other end.

Maxwell joins du Plessis

RCB 7/2 in 1 over: Chameera runs in quick and attacks the stumps straightaway. A hint of shape for Chameera as he thuds the thigh pads. Rawat and Faf sneak in two runs, leg byes.  Faint appeal for a caught behind as Chameera sends one down leg and the ball brushes Rawat on its way to de Kock. FOUR! Rawat charges and swats the ball past the bowler for a boundary.  OUT! Rawat falls next ball. An excellent diving catch at mid-off by KL Rahul. Change of pace and Rawat miscues his lofted drive. The umpires have chosen to review the catch. It is deemed a clean take by the third umpire and the youngster is on his way. Virat Kohli in at 3. WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT?  Short and wide and Kohli lobs it straight to backward point. A golden duck for Virat as his horror run continues.  Excellent start for Chameera and LSG.

Anuj Rawat c Rahul b Chameera 4 (5b 1×4), Virat Kohli c Hooda b Chameera 0 (1b)

Dushmantha Chameera up with the new ball.  He swaps ends right before the start of play. Rawat on strike.

Here we go. KL Rahul’s men walk out to the middle and they are followed by RCB openers du Plessis and Rawat.

RCB opening partnerships in IPL 2022: 50, 1, 55, 50, 14, 5 – A mixed bag for du Plessis and young Anuj Rawat so far.

Glenn Maxwell to the broadcaster: It (the mood in the camp) has been really good. Obviously had a couple of hiccups but overall, we feel we’re in a good space. Hopefully we can build on it. Faf with his professionalism and experience, has been a calming effect on the group, and the guys have fed off it. Most important thing is to lead by example, try to help out the younger guys and to space out your time, switch on and switch off as much as possible. Give the younger guys as much time as possible. I feel as good as I’ve ever felt. Have had a nice run from the BBL till the Sri Lanka series. I’ve been in a good space mentally and hopefully, technically as well.

19:05PM IST: Two settled sides going all in for the full two points. Tonight should be fun.

Royal Challengers Bangalore Playing XI: Faf du Plessis (c), Anuj Rawat, Virat Kohli, Glenn Maxwell, Shahbaz Ahmed, Dinesh Karthik (wk), Suyash Prabhudessai, Wanindu Hasaranga, Harshal Patel, Josh Hazlewood, Mohammed Siraj.

Lucknow Super Giants Playing XI: K. L. Rahul (c), Quinton de Kock (wk), Manish Pandey, Deepak Hooda, Marcus Stoinis, Ayush Badoni, Jason Holder, Krunal Pandya, Dushmantha Chameera, Avesh Khan, Ravi Bishnoi.

TOSS: LSG wins the toss, opts to bowl

du Plessis: It’s been a great start for us (this season). Guys are playing well. Playing against a strong team tonight. Same team for us as well.

KL Rahul: We are going to bowl first. At this stage all teams like to chase. It’s good to keep my game on the toes. Same team for us.


KL Rahul and Faf du Plessis at the centre for the toss.

TOSS up in five minutes..

Pitch report from Kevin Pietersen: “One side of the boundary is 66 metres, the other end is 78m. The surface seems very dry and has less grass at one end. Expect the seamers to prefer the end where they can bowl with more grass. I don’t think the captains are going to change their approach, they are going to try and bowl first.”

6:40PM IST: Stat –
Avesh Khan is the only bowler in IPL 2022 to pick a minimum of five wickets in the PowerPlay and the death overs so far. With a wobbly top-order and a fiery DK in the offing, Avesh will be key for LSG tonight.


6:30PM IST: Can LSG dismiss DK tonight? Remember, he’s notched up 197 runs from six outings at the expense of just one dismissal!

DK is pumped for Round 7.   –  SPORTZPICS


6:15PM IST: Kohli vs LSG bowlers in T20s: RCB fans, what do you reckon about tonight’s match-ups?

Kohli vs Holder: 8 innings, 66 runs, 2 dismissals, 183.33 SR, AVE 33.00
Kohli vs Avesh: 2 innings, 5 runs, 1 dismissal, 62.50 SR, AVE 5.00
Kohli vs Bishnoi: 3 innings, 17 runs, 0 dismissals, 89.47 SR, AVE –
Kohli vs Krunal: 9 innings, 76 runs, 1 dismissal, 100.00 SR, AVE 76.00
Kohli vs Chameera: 1 innings, 13 runs, 0 dismissal, 130.00 SR, AVE –

6:08PM IST:
Under 90 minutes for action, fix your XI for tonight’s clash. Here’s what we think would be the Dream Team for LSG vs RCB:


Wicketkeeper: Dinesh Karthik (c), KL Rahul, Quinton de Kock

Batters: Faf du Plessis, Marcus Stoinis, Deepak Hooda

All-rounders: Jason Holder, Shahbaz Ahmed (vc)

Bowlers: Harshal Patel, Avesh Khan, Wanindu Hasaranga

Team Composition: LSG 6:5 RCB Credits Left: 1.0

6:00PM IST: RCB at DY Patil Stadium this season:
Played – 3, Won – 1, Lost – 2

LSG at DY Patil Stadium this season: Played – Played – 2, Won – 2

5:50PM IST: Faf’s boys are on their way.


5:30PM IST: Here’s a look at the key stats for LSG vs RCB

  • KL Rahul needs 23 runs to become the fastest Indian to complete 6000 T20 runs, surpassing Virat Kohli (184 innings). Rahul, in 166 innings, will become the third fastest overall to the feat behind Chris Gayle and Babar Azam.
  • Virat Kohli has gone 11 innings without a fifty in the IPL.
  • KL Rahul has only been dismissed twice in his last five innings against RCB while racking up 365 runs.
  • Harshal Patel needs one wicket to become RCB’s leading wicket-taking fast bowler in IPL. Overall, Yuzvendra Chahal leads its bowling charts with 139 wickets.
  • Harshal Patel is yet to pick a wicket in the death overs in IPL 2022, while 21 of his 32 wickets in the previous edition came in the last four.
  • Glenn Maxwell (bowl) vs KL Rahul in T20s: 4 innings, 2 wickets, 20 runs, 18 balls.
  • Worst PowerPlay economy rates in IPL 2022: LSG – (8.61); KKR – (8.14); RCB – (7.94)

5:18PM IST: Our correspondent Dhruva Prasad gives the first sight of tonight’s surface
: “A tinge of green on this wicket at DY Patil Stadium. The leg side boundary for the RHB is significantly shorter from the media box end. Expect fireworks with the likes of Maxwell, DK and Stoinis in the ranks.”]


5:10PM IST: Most runs in death overs (16-20) in IPL 2022 (Indians) – Dinesh Karthik – 132 (SR: 238.59); Suryakumar Yadav – 82 (SR: 221.62); Ravindra Jadeja – 71 (SR: 169.04)

Do you hope to see a DK comeback in the Indian Blues?

5:00PM IST: KL Rahul last 5 matches against RCB: 39, 91, 61, 132, 42. Can the LSG skipper continue his blistering form tonight?

Rahul holds an average of 83.50 against RCB in the IPL – the highest by any player against an opposition in IPL history (min. 10 innings).


4:45PM IST: RCB and LSG head into the contest for a top two spot on similar lines. Three wins, a blip and back on the line with another win – Lucknow and Bangalore will, however, head into the fixture with contrasting concerns.

  • 42 per cent of Lucknow’s runs in IPL 2022 so far have come from openers KL Rahul and Quinton de Kock.
  • Despite not coming into bat in the first 10 overs, Dinesh Karthik (197 runs) leads the run-charts for RCB this season.

4:40PM IST: FORM GUIDE (recent match is shown first): LSG – WLWWW, RCB – WLWWW


Tied on eight points from six matches, Lucknow Super Giants and Royal Challengers Bangalore will look to consolidate their position in the top four when they lock horns at the D.Y. Patil Stadium on Tuesday.

While Super Giants rode on captain K.L. Rahul’s century to prevail over Mumbai Indians by 18 runs in their last match, Dinesh Karthik’s 34-ball 66 helped the Royal Challengers upstage Delhi Capitals.

IPL 2022: Delhi Capitals vs Punjab Kings fixture shifted to Mumbai

Karthik has been the difference in three of RCB’s four wins, averaging 197 while striking at a staggering 209.57 and has compensated for slow starts and lack of consistent runs at the top of the order. The return of Glenn Maxwell, who struck a 34-ball 55 against the Capitals has added sheen to the middle order.

The Super Giants have relied on openers Rahul and Quinton de Kock, who share three fifties and a hundred between them. Deepak Hooda and Ayush Badoni have contributed in the lower middle order. Marcus Stoinis, who almost sealed a tense chase with an unbeaten 17-ball 38 on his debut against Rajasthan Royals, has bolstered Super Giants’ potent arsenal of all-rounders.

Successful in defending totals in their previous outings, both the teams have shown discipline with their bowling effort. While leg-spinner Ravi Bishnoi and Krunal Pandya have excelled for the Super Giants while RCB has banked on Hasaranga and Harshal Patel’s slower variations to apply brakes on the opposition.

– Dhruva Prasad


Lucknow Super Giants: Quinton de Kock (wk), KL Rahul (c), Deepak Hooda, Manish Pandey, Ayush Badoni, Marcus Stoinis, Krunal Pandya, Jason Holder, Avesh Khan, Dushmantha Chameera, Ravi Bishnoi

Royal Challengers Bangalore: Anuj Rawat, Faf du Plessis (c), Glenn Maxwell, Virat Kohli, Dinesh Karthik (wk), Shahbaz Ahmed, Wanindu Hasaranga, Suyash Prabhudessai, Josh Hazlewood, Harshal Patel, Mohammed Siraj

Yuzvendra Chahal gets the first hat-trick of IPL 2022


Lucknow Super Giants: KL Rahul (c), Manan Vohra, Evin Lewis, Manish Pandey, Quinton De Kock, Ravi Bishnoi, Dushmantha Chameera, Shahbaz Nadeem, Mohsin Khan, Mayank Yadav, Ankit Rajpoot, Avesh Khan, Andrew Tye, Marcus Stoinis, Kyle Mayers, Karan Sharma, Krishnappa Gowtham, Ayush Badoni, Deepak Hooda, Krunal Pandya, Jason Holder

Royal Challengers Bangalore: Faf du Plessis (c), Virat Kohli, Glenn Maxwell, Mohammed Siraj, Harshal Patel, Wanindu Hasaranga, Dinesh Karthik, Josh Hazlewood, Shahbaz Ahmed, Anuj Rawat, Akash Deep, Mahipal Lomror, Finn Allen, Sherfane Rutherford, Jason Behrendorff, Suyash Prabhudesai, Chama Milind, Aneeshwar Gautam, Karn Sharma, David Willey, Rajat Patidar



The IPL 2022 match between Lucknow Super Giants and Royal Challengers Bangalore begins at 7:30 PM IST.


IPL 2022 will be aired live on Star Sports channels – Star Sports 1, Star Sports 1 HD, Star Sports 3 and Star Sports 3 HD. It will also be streamed live on Disney+Hotstar. You can also follow the live commentary and latest updates from IPL 2021 on Sportstar.


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