India in TOP 5 countries of cybercrime victims! See who got robbed the most

India has ranked in the top 5 countries affected the most by cybercrimes, as suggested by a new FBI report. Here are all details.

India ranks in top 5 countries of the world when it comes to being a victim of cybercrimes. In a recently report released by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), India sits at the fourth spot on this list of the countries that were affected by cybercrimes, and is based on the data collected between 2017 and 2021. In the list for the year 2021, India was sitting with a total number of reported victims at 3131. This was preceded by the US with a victim number of 466,501 in the first place. The UK had 303,949 victims in the same period while Canada was third with a figure of 5788.

The report, which was published by the Internet Crime Complaint Cents, a division of the FBI that looks in to cybercrime in the US and world, said that India also ranked fourth in 2020, preceded by the same list of countries. Compared to 2020, the number of victims and only increased in this year.

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India ranks in Top 5 countries affected by cybercrime

““In 2021, heightened attention was brought to the urgent need for more cyber incident reporting to the federal government. Cyber incidents are in fact crimes deserving of an investigation, leading to judicial repercussions for the perpetrators who commit them,” FBI Deputy Director Paul Abbate said in the report.

India’s immediate neighbours, Pakistan and China ranked much lower in this list, with both of them reporting only 530 and 571 cases respectively. Japan sits at the bottom of the list with a reported cases on 419 only.

In all the reported cases, it was phishing that was the most common kind of cybercrime. This was followed by the Non-payment/non-delivery kind of scams. Personal dat breach, Identity Theft, and Extortion were also in the top five spots of the list.

Another common trait noticed was that it was the older people who were victims of the cybercrimes and suffered huge financial losses. The FBI reports says that most people of 60 years of age had faced losses of almost $1.68 billion in 2021. This age group was followed by the people aged between 50-59 years. The younger group of people under 20 years also faced cybercrimes, although the losses were lower in this segment.

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