InCoax Networks and PCs for People ensure digital inclusion in Texas affordable housing complex

Stoneridge Apartments now has access to cost-effective multi-gigabit connectivity through the reuse of existing coax cable infrastructure

LUND, Sweden; KANSAS CITY, MO; AUSTIN, TX; SAN RAMON, CA, June 8 2022PCs for People and InCoax Networks have collaborated and successfully delivered high-speed, multi-gigabit connectivity to an affordable housing complex in Pflugerville, a suburb of Austin, Texas. Stoneridge Apartments is a 256-apartment complex spanning across 13 buildings and to remain attractive to present and future tenants, it needed to ensure digital inclusion to the families eligible for a lease at Stoneridge.

InCoax Networks and PCs for People

InCoax Networks and PCs for People

By deploying fiber to each building and utilizing the existing and fully functional coaxial network, previously used for satellite-TV, a fiber-like broadband performance was provided to the tenants. Tasked with delivering community-wide and in-home wireless high-speed broadband to Stoneridge Apartments with a limited budget, PCs for People needed to look beyond traditional Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) deployments to solve the problem and partnered with InCoax Networks. Preliminary calculations showed an average in-building total installation cost drop from $440 per apartment with fiber, to $125 per apartment by reusing Stoneridge Apartments’ existing coaxial cabling infrastructure.

“The installation of InCoax technology acts as an expedient and cost-effective solution to the global MDU broadband access challenge of how to deploy high-speed multi-gigabit fiber broadband,” InCoax’s Head of Marketing, Sales and Product Management, Helge Tiainen said. “InCoax is delighted with the successful deployment working with PCs for People on behalf of Stoneridge Apartments. This deployment has improved the quality of day-to-day life for tenants and demonstrated that re-using existing coax infrastructure and MoCA Access™ can be a key complement to fiber in bringing gigabit and multi-gigabit networking to any MDU.”

Through partnering with PCs for People, Stoneridge Apartments now has symmetrical high-speed Internet access of 1 Gbps, thanks to PCs for People’s application of InCoax Networks’ MoCA Access™ 2.5 fiber access system.

“We are impressed with the performance and how well the InCoax system offers a perfect tie-in with our mission to support digital inclusion and provide connectivity to all households regardless of income,” PCs for People’s Executive Director Tom Esselman said. “Efforts such as ours are essential today, where it is increasingly difficult to function in society without the best possible technologies and high-speed Internet connectivity. I’m told the building complex upgrade has had a remarkable impact on decreasing apartment vacancy rate, which has plunged from 50% to less than 11%.”

The incoming trunk fiber was connected to the 13 main buildings with individual fiber cables through a fiber switch. Control Units (DPU) at each building extended the fiber to the apartments using the existing coaxial network to provide high-speed broadband to the tenants.

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About InCoax Networks
InCoax Networks AB specializes in the innovation of reusing existing in-building infrastructure for broadband access Providing the next-generation multi-gigabit networking solutions to the World’s leading telecom and broadband service operators, InCoax delivers the latest, most advanced and cost-effective technology available to reach multi-gigabit connectivity, where fiber is either too expensive, labor-intensive or even impossible to install. Leading products include the InCoax Controllers/DPUs, such as the new InCoax D2501, and access modems, which provide reliable, cost-effective Gigabit or Multi-Gigabit broadband speeds over existing coaxial networks.

To quickly learn more about InCoax’s Fiber Access Extension, check out this animation (

Competition in the broadband market is fueling the need for fiber to be pushed deeper into the network and closer to the end-user. Customer demand for fast broadband and operator’s challenge to cost-effectively provide the services with an FTTH strategy only, has sparked an interest in solutions that enable easier in-building access. Deploying InCoax’s D2501 technology is a sustainable way for operators to upgrade their existing networks, with high-speed Internet services available at the home entertainment hub in the apartment.

InCoax’s technology helps operators facilitate fast, cost-effective, and non-intrusive installations by extending fiber from the extension point (FTTep). To learn more on FTTep, check out this animation (

About PCs for People
Founded in 1998, PCs for People is a national leader in digital inclusion. As a 501©(3) nonprofit organization, every project, program and initiative at PCs for People is centered on getting low-cost computers and affordable broadband internet into the homes of low-income individuals. Through an unwavering commitment to the communities we serve, we have provided 155,000 people with home computers, connected 165,000 people to low-cost internet, and recycled over 8 millions of pounds of electronics. Digital inclusion efforts such as ours are essential in today’s society, where it is increasingly hard to access education, healthcare or employment opportunities without access to a computer and the internet. Our model is a self-sustainable social enterprise centered on building community value in every part of our program.

About MoCA®, Multimedia over Coax Alliance
MoCA®, the coax standards for managed networks, lets people work, learn, stream and game over existing coax cables available in homes, apartments, flats, hotels, and buildings worldwide. MoCA® is a global, member-driven, non-profit trade association that creates access and connectivity coax standards for managed networks. MoCA member companies consist of global service providers (MSOs, Telco/IPTV), OEM, ODM, and semiconductor companies.

About Stoneridge Apartments
Stoneridge Apartments is a 256-apartment affordable homes complex spanning across 13-buildings. Conveniently located in the heart of Pflugerville, our community offers numerous dining, shopping, and entertainment options right outside of your front door, and just a short 30-minute drive Downtown Austin & Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. The complex offers a variety of spacious 2-, 3- & 4-bedroom apartment homes.

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