In Telangana, JP Nadda Accuses KCR Of Corruption, Copying Central Schemes

In Telangana, JP Nadda Accuses KCR Of Corruption, Copying Central Schemes


If Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao went to Delhi to boast about his schemes and talk about the alleged incompetence of the BJP government in Delhi, BJP chief JP Nadda hit back during his visit to the state, telling the people that they needed to vote out Mr Rao and his Telangana Rashtra Samithi and bring in the BJP.

Targetting the TRS government in Telangana, Mr Nadda alleged that all its so-called flagship schemes were riddled with corruption and only a double-engine government will benefit the state. He gave credit to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for handling the Covid pandemic well whereas, he said advanced countries had struggled. “PM Modi gave 130 crore people suraksha kavach in the form of vaccines and boosters,” he said.

India, Mr Nadda said, has gone from being an importer to a major exporter. “During the pandemic, PM Modi gave 5 kg rice to the poor. PM Modi always worried about Telangana, so he allotted a Rs 10,000 support price for cotton,” he said.

Accusing the state government of not implementing several Central schemes, he said, “PM gave Ayushman Bharat and 3.11 crore people benefitted, but Telangana’s 36 lakh people did not receive the 5 lakh cover because of KCR,” he said

The BJP president reminded people that Mr Rao had  mocked Covid protocol and yet made arrests citing protocol violation.

“The KCR government is one of the most corrupt governments. Kaleshwaram has become a milch cow for KCR… From 20,000 crore, the cost increased by Rs 28,000 crore… But no irrigation came. Rajoli Banda, other irrigation projects failed,” he said.

Naming all the projects that the Chief Minister and his party refer to with great pride, Mr Nadda alleged they were all riddled with corruption. “Mission Kakatiya, Mission Bhagirath, Haritha haram all are corruption-ridden. It is not Telangana Rashtra Samiti but Telangana Razakar Samiti,” he said, adding that the TRS follows a policy of divide and rule.

In recent months, Mr Rao, his son KT Rama Rao and other leaders have been alleging that the state schemes have inspired major Central schemes. Mr Nadda today claimed that all major state schemes were copied from the Centre.

“PM Awaas Yojana became 2BHK. Mathru Vandana became KCR Kit and so on… In coming days, Telangana people will fight and bring in the BJP rule,” Mr Nadda said.

State BJP chief Bandi Sanjay’s footmarch will take the message to people, who want change, he said, adding, “KCR doesn’t believe in democratic means… the BJP will evict you in a democratic manner”.

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