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Send kids to school despite rising Covid cases: Health servicesPanaji: State immunologist Dr Rajendra Borkar said it is advisable to send children to school. If children and parents are vaccinated, then there is a comfortable safe zone, he said.

The directorate of health services said that it is advisable to send children to school despite the rising Covid-19 cases.

“Although cases of infection are rising, have we stopped going to the market, to work, and for picnics or vacations? People are doing everything, but raise questions only when it comes to school,” said state immunologist Dr Rajendra Borkar.

“If children get vaccinated and parents are vaccinated, then there is a comfortable safe zone created around them,” he said.

When asked whether masks should be made compulsory in schools and government establishments, director of health services Dr Geeta Kakodkar said, “Nothing should be made compulsory. It should be a social responsibility to wear masks”.

She added that with schools reopening, the health department will continue its vaccination programme for eligible children who haven’t been vaccinated yet.

Goa’s vaccination coverage among the 15-17 year olds is good, Dr Borkar said.

Ninety-three per cent of this age group has received the first dose, and 80% the second dose. Similarly, in the 12-14 age group, 65% have been vaccinated with the first dose and 47% received both doses, he said.

“Some children in this age group haven’t been vaccinated because when we started the campaign, there were exams and people were reluctant to take the dose. Immediately after exams, they had holidays,” he said.

The response so far has been positive, and the department will resume vaccination for school students, he said.

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