Hackers can steal your WhatsApp account through this nasty phone call; know how

Hackers can steal your WhatsApp account through this nasty phone call; know how

WhatsApp users should beware of this nasty scam which can let hackers have control of your account within minutes! Know how you can save yourself from this WhatsApp scam.

WhatsApp users are again in danger of a horrifying scam! This new scam can even lock you out of your WhatsApp account through just a phone. If you make the mistake of picking up this random phone call, your WhatsApp account will lock you out. Not just this, the online scammer can easily hijack your account and access the contact list, and even read the chats. Basically, once you pick up this alarming call from the online fraudster, your account can be easily taken over by them! Bad part is that in just a matter of minutes hackers can carry out this nasty attack. The new WhatsApp scam was highlighted by Rahul Sasi, the founder, and CEO of CloudSEk in a LinkedIn post, who explained the consequences of this WhatsApp scam.

How does this WhatsApp Scam work?

The scam starts with your Phone number! Once the attacker has found your phone number, a call will be made to you while using some engineering. WhatsApp users will get a call from hackers who instruct them to dial another number in order to get some benefit or to avoid some pitfall regarding their bank or other accounts. And whoever follows the instruction, the victims will immediately be locked out of their accounts. Also read: WhatsApp to introduce ‘Undo’ button for deleted messages SOON!

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Bleeping Computer explained that hackers do send a one-time verification password (OTP) along with the forwarded call. Once online scammers get this OTP, they easily get access to the WhatsApp account via registering it on their device and then using two-factor authentication.

How can you save yourself from this WhatsApp scam?

Thankfully, there are some simple ways that can let you protect yourself from this daunting WhatsApp scam and protect your account from getting locked and hacked. Simply turning on the two factor authentication will help protect you from such online attacks.

Though, it is advised to be aware about all the unsolicited texts or phone calls from unknown numbers and not let you fall for the trap. You should never share your personal or financial details with anyone.

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