GT vs LSG Highlights, IPL 2022: Gujarat Titans thrashes Lucknow Super Giants by 62 runs, becomes first team to qualify for playoffs

GT vs LSG Highlights, IPL 2022: Gujarat Titans thrashes Lucknow Super Giants by 62 runs, becomes first team to qualify for playoffs

Hello and welcome to Sportstar’s HIGHLIGHTS of the IPL 2022 match between Lucknow Super Giants and Gujarat Titans from the MCA Stadium in Pune.




LSG 82/10 in 13.5 overs: OUT! Hooda sweeps and gets a top edge and Shami takes it behind the keeper. Deepak Hooda c Mohammed Shami b Rashid Khan 27(26b 3×4). SIX! Avesh comes in and slog sweeps this over long-on for a maximum first ball. SIX! Shorter in length, and this is pulled away behind deep square leg for another half a dozen. Avesh swings and misses this one as it turns away from his outside edge. Another swing and a miss, googly this time and Saha appeals for the caught behind. Hardik goes upstairs. OUT! There is faint edge on this and Gujarat Titans has won by 62 runs. Avesh Khan c Wriddhiman Saha b Rashid Khan 12(4b 0x4 2×6). Gujarat Titans becomes the first team to qualify for the IPL 2022 playoffs!

LSG 70/8 in 13 overs: Kishore continues. Hooda gets a leading edge that is dangerously in the air but wide of short mid-off and he gets away. Mohsin on strike. He pokes outside off for a single at short third man. Hooda drives this length ball through the covers for one more. OUT! Rashid can do no wrong and takes this skier at point. Mohsin gets an outside edge trying to heave this on legs-side and Rashid run in from short third-man, slides and pouches this on the second attempt. Mohsin Khan c Rashid Khan b Sai Kishore 1(3b).

LSG 67/7 in 12 overs: Rashid into his third over. Stoinis sweeps from wide outside off for a single at long leg. Spinning away outside leg and wide called. A stifled appeal for caught behind but umpire is unmoved. OUT! Stoinis is sent back from halfway down the track as he comes for the second and is left high and dry out of his crease as the throw from deep square leg comes straight to the keeper. Marcus Stoinis run out (David Miller/Wriddhiman Saha) 2(2b). Holder drives to long-off for one. OUT! Jason Holder lbw b Rashid Khan 1(2b).

LSG 62/5 in 11 overs: Sai Kishore with the ball. Darts it into Hooda, outside leg-stump, and Hooda makes room and defends. Makes room again and drives it past mid-on for a single. Badoni tucks is off the backfoot for a single. Hooda hangs back, makes room again outside off, and punches to long-off for a single. OUT! First wicket for Sai Kishore in IPL. Badoni is left standed halfway down the pitch as he completely misses this one from Sai Kishore and Saha does the rest. Ayush Badoni st. Wriddhiman Saha b Sai Kishore 8(11b 1×4). Stoinis punches through point and cover for a single and keeps strike.

LSG 58/4 in 10 overs: Rashid continues. Two singles and wide from the first four balls. Hardik throws a review away as Badoni presses forward to drive to long-on for a single. It came straight off the bat but Rashid maybe thought it clipped the pads before hitting the willow and they go up. Another single and then a dot to end the over.

LSG 54/4 in 9 overs: Joseph continues. Hooda runs this one down to third man for a single. Beaten! Back of a length outside off and Badoni is beaten for extra bounce as he looks to ramp this. FOUR! Stand and deliver. Slightly full outside off and thumped down the ground for a boundary. Two singles to end the over.

LSG 47/4 in 8 overs: Rashid Khan into the attack. Turning into Hooda, who punches it to mid-wicket for a single. Another googly and this beats Krunal’s outside edge. OUT! Another googly, third in row, and this beats Krunal’s outside edge again as he charges down the track. Saha whips off the bails in with lightning speed and Krunal is out by a distance. Krunal Pandya st. Wriddhiman Saha b Rashid Khan 5(5b 1×4 0x6). Badoni comes in. Two singles to end the over.

LSG 44/3 in 7 overs: FOUR! Hooda greets Alzarri Joseph with an upper cut to the boundary behind point. Pushed to mid-on for a quick single and Hooda is in just in the nick of time. Krunal defends this one back to the bowler before clipping one on the pads for a single behind square leg. Good length on off stump and defended back to the bowler by Hooda. Tapped on off side for another quick single.

LSG 37/3 in 6 overs: FOUR! Too full outside off from Dayal and Hooda drives it down the ground for a boundary. Clipped away next ball to square leg for a single. Karan punches straight to point for a dot ball. FOUR! Driven on the front-foot through the covers, Jayant lets it through his fingers and to the boundary. OUT! No luck this time as Karan gets an outside edge on the cut and short third takes it. FOUR! Krunal comes in and starts off with a delectable boundary. Full outside off and driven through the covers.

LSG 24/2 in 5 overs: Shami bowls his third over. This one goes down leg and wide called. Beaten! Curling away and beats Rahul’s attempted drive on the off. On a length, honing in on off stump and Rahul punches it back to the bowler. Four dots in a row as Shami keeps it on a length in the channel, cramping Rahul. OUT! Short ball this time and Rahul gets a top edge on the pull and Saha settles under this skier with ease. Both openers back in the hut. KL Rahul c Wriddhiman Saha b Mohammed Shami 8(16b 1×4 0x6). Debutant Karan Sharma comes in and dot to end the over.

LSG 23/1 in 4 overs: Dayal into the attack. Comes over the wicket to Rahul. Tight length just outside off stump and steered to third man for one. SIX! de Kock gets a top edge on the pull, the ball hangs in the air forever and clears the rope behind the keeper. OUT! de Kock steers this straight into the hands of backward point and perishes. Quinton de Kock c Sai Kishore b Yash Dayal 11(10b 0x4 1×6). Hooda is in next and drives this full one to mid-off. FOUR! Thick outside edge, just wide of slip and it runs away to the boundary behind. Length ball, angling away outside off and left alone.

LSG 12/0 in 3 overs: Shami continues. Just a single off the first three balls. Rahul gets an inside edge as this length ball comes sharply into him from a length. He turns down the single just in time to prevent a run out. Clipped behind square for a single next ball. Two runs in five balls so far. Extra bounce in the surface is keeping Lucknow on its toes. Length ball angling into de Kock and pushed to mid-off for another dot ball.

LSG 10/0 in 2 overs: Hardik with the ball. Rahul collects a single behind point. A couple for de Kock behind square leg. Two dots and a single to follow. FOUR! Rahul gets a healthy outside edge trying to slash it over the covers and finds the boundary at third-man.

LSG 2/0 in 1 over: KL Rahul and de Kock will open the innings for Lucknow. Shami with the new ball. Angling into de Kock and tucked on the leg for a dot. Single off the inside edge for a single at fine-leg. On a length on off and defended by Rahul. Almost chopped on! Length ball, angling in, Rahul almost chops on trying to guide it behind. Beaten! This one angles further in from outside off and gets him high on the thigh pad. Outside edge to third man for a single.


GT 144/4 in 20 overs: Holder to bowl the last. Gill slashes the first ball to mid-off for a single. FOUR! Slow, on a length, outside off and Tewatia slaps this and finds enough of an outside edge to fetch him four at the third-man boundary. Wide ball next one as this bouncer goes a little too high. FOUR! Pace off again on a length outside off and Tewatia waits before punching it to the long-off fence. Slower one outside off, Tewatia anticipates a wide ball and lets it go but it was just inside the tram-line. Dot ball. Another slower one but this is beyond the limit outside off and wide called. FOUR! This outside off line was getting too predictable. Tewatia anticipates well, shuffles across and laps this to the fine-leg boundary. Leg-bye to end the over and the innings as Tewatia misses the flick on the full delivery on the middle. KL Rahul goes upstairs for the LBW. The ball is clipping off-stump and the umpire’s decision stands. Not out. Tewatia yet again provides a much-needed impetus with a 16-ball 22. But will it be enough this time?

GT 128/4 in 19 overs: Avesh from the other end. This pace attack is relentless. Tewatia pulls to mid-wicket for one. Gill gets a searing yorker and digs it out for a dot. FOUR! Tewatia pulls this behind square leg and Badoni completely misjudges this to let it through for a boundary. Two dot balls as Tewatia cannot get away the barrage of slower deliveries. The last one hits him on the helmet as he misses the sweep. Dropped! Hooda makes a mess of this at third man and Tewatia survives.

GT 122/4 in 18 overs: Mohsin bowls out. Tewatia tucks a length ball for a single. Gill flat-bats this pace off delivery for a single. One more for Tewatia next ball. Gill drills this to mid-off for another single. The lack of pace continues to trouble the batters. Beaten! Mohsin angles this into Tewatia on a length and beats him completely. Pulled away to the deep for a single and to end the over. Another sensational spell from Mohsin – 4-0-18-1.

GT 117/4 in 17 overs: Full outside off from Chameera and Gill pushes it to mid-off for a single and gets to his fifty off 42 balls. Tewatia drives to deep point for one more. FOUR! Length ball on off stump and Gill slaps this over the bowler’s head with disdain. FOUR! Full outside off and Gill jams his bat and finds the boundary at third man. Wide one next ball. Pulls this hard from outside off but for just a single to deep mid-wicket. Another wide ball as this short one strays down leg side. Single to end the over.

GT 103/4 in 16 overs: Holder bowls his third over. Slower one on a length on leg stump and Miller pulls awkwardly for a single. Shorter and slower, Gill waits for an eternity before pulling for a single. SIX! Miller finally cuts loose – full and wide outside off and gets underneath it before lifting it over the covers for half a dozen. That also brings up the hundred for Gujarat Titans in 15.3 overs. Slow, short of a length outside off, and Miller slaps it to cover for a single. Another slow delivery – 106 kmph – and Gill only manages a jab to mid-wicket for one more. Moves to 49 off 41 balls. Fifty partnership up off 41 balls. Angling away outside off and this is called wide. OUT! Holder continues to give no pace to the batters, keeping it on a length outside off. Miller looks to go big on the off side but gets a thick outside edge that loops straight to deep backward point. David Miller a Ayush Badoni b Jason Holder 26(24b 1×4 1×6).

GT 92/3 in 15 overs: Avesh from the other end. Miller cuts the first one in front of point for a single. Gill takes one more – flicking a full one on the pads for a single. Miller is beaten trying to cut this length ball outside off. Width outside off and swatted away by Miller for another one. Two more singles to end the over. Miller misses out on a gift – a juicy full toss outside off – and only manages a slap to deep point for a single.

GT 87/3 in 14 overs: Mohsin comes back into the attack. Miller pulls tamely for a couple at mid-wicket. Two dot balls to follow after that. – Mohsin mixes his pace up. Miller punches this length ball through the covers for one. Another slower one, on a length on the stumps, and Gill tucks it for a single. Miller pulls but doesn’t connect too well and collects one more at deep square leg.

GT 82/3 in 13 overs: Krunal bowls out. Gill starts off with a couple to move to 42 off 33 balls. Turning into his body and Gill taps on leg-side for dot before tucking a similar delivery for a single behind. Short on off and Miller goes back in his crease and pulls to deep mid-wicket for one. Two more singles to end the over. Krunal ends with 4-024-0 – economical as ever.

GT 76/3 in 12 overs: Holder replaces Avesh. Gill short-arm jabs this to deep mid-wicket for a single. Miller hops and cuts this straight to point. Angling away on off stump from  leg and Miller guides this to short third. Two dots in a row. FOUR! Cut away off the backfoot my Miller and he finally finds the gap – behind point – for four runs. Short of a length delivery into Milller and he backs away a bit before swatting it to deep point for a single. Gill pulls without control to deep square leg for another one and keeps strike.

GT 69/3 in 11 overs: Krunal into his third over. Miller tucks a length ball off his pads for one. Gill flicks through leg-side for a couple. One more next ball. Miller goes back and pulls in front of square leg for another single. FOUR! Gill reverse-sweeps this delivery on off-stump to the third man fence. Length on off stump again and punched to deep mid-wicket for a single.

GT 59/3 in 10 overs: OUT! Gone first ball after the break. Hardik looks to cut this length ball outside off but gets a thick edge to the keeper. Hardik Pandya c Quinton de Kock b Avesh Khan 11(13b). Miller is in and starts off by picking a single at fine-leg. Gill cuts behind point for one more. Short of length angling across to Miller and guided to backward point for a dot ball. Length ball angling down leg-side, Miller misses the pull and one extra nevertheless. Another good length delivery, angling into Miller from leg stump and he hops and dabs this to third-man for a single. FOUR! A boundary to end the over by Gill.

GT 51/2 in 9 overs: Gill gets a top edge sweeping Krunal and the ball falls short of the man running in from deep backward square leg. Hardik steps out to his brother and steers this straight to short third. A single for him next ball. Gill goes back in his crease and pulls this for a single at mid-wicket. Another single to end the over. Just four runs again from Krunal’s over – just eight runs from his two overs.

GT 47/2 in 8 overs: Holder into the attack. Length ball outside off, Hardik cuts it behind point a bit aerially and collects a single. One more for Gill through mid-wicket. On a length, angling in on off stump and Hardik punches through covers for a couple. Two singles follow on the leg-side. Slower short ball outside off and Hardik pulls it to deep mid-wicket to collect a couple more.

GT 39/2 in 7 overs: Krunal is in with the ball. Gill flicks this full on off the toes for a single. Angling down leg-side and Hardik tucks it behind for one more. Another one angling down the pads and Gill pushes it on leg-side for a dot ball. On a length this time, straighter, and pushed off the backfoot for a single at mid-wicket. One more for Hardik next ball in the same region. Another dot to end the over. Just four runs from it.

GT 35/2 in 6 overs: Gill starts off with two dot balls. Chameera bowls his third over. FOUR! Not short enough for the pull, so Gill short-arm jabs this to the mid-wicket boundary. Gill takes a single after pushing to cover. Two dots to end the over. Hardik is beaten trying to drive a length ball outside off. Gujarat Titans ends with 35 for two after the PowerPlay – and it is its lowest score this season in the first six overs.

GT 30/2 in 5 overs: Avesh is into the attack. Gill starts off by tucking this length ball on the pads on leg-side for a single. OUT! Wade is gone! He shuffles across his stumps and looks to scoop this behind but ends up handing this straight to the keeper. Matthew Wade c Quinton de Kock b Avesh Khan 10(7b 2×4). Hardik starts off with an aggressive push to third man for one. FOUR! Pulled away by Gill to the square leg boundary.  Dot and single to end the over.

GT 23/1 in 4 overs: Chameera with the ball. FOUR! Wade gets on top of the bounce to slap this thorough the covers. FOUR! Back to back boundaries for Wade, who pulls this one to the square leg boundary. Fuller outside off and driven crisply along the ground but this is stopped in the covers. Pushes to mid-off for a single. Gill pulls this length ball behind to fine-leg for one more. Slower short ball to end the over and Wade is too early into the pull and misses it completely.

GT 13/1 in 3 overs: Mohsin continues. Dot and single for Saha to start with. Leading edge from Saha, coming into Mohsin’s hands but he tumbles as he presses forward to get to it. OUT! Out next ball and this one is chipped straight to mid-on. Wriddhiman Saha c Avesh Khan b Mohsin Khan 5(11b 1×4 0x6). Length ball, angling away a bit and Wade pokes this to backward point for a single. FOUR! Gill cuts again and this time pierces the off-side field for his first boundary.

GT 7/0 in 2 overs: Gill cuts this short of length delivery by Chameera and a stunning save at point means no runs. He pushes the next one to mid-off for a quick single. Full on middle and Saha defends it back to the bowler. FOUR! Fullish outside off and Saha plays across the line and through the mid-wicket region for a boundary. Good riposte by Chameera- bouncer on the off and Saha misses the pull. Beaten again. Full, tailing away and beats Saha’s drive down the track.

GT 2/0 in 1 over: Gill and Saha are in the middle to get Gujarat’s innings underway. Mohsin Khan to get things rolling for Lucknow with the ball. Mohsin to Saha and he induces a thick outside edge that just falls short of second slip. Beaten! Drags his length back now and angles it away, Saha is beaten with the extra bounce. Finally makes a convincing connection next ball, defending this length ball just outside off-stump. Three dot balls. Make it four as this short of a length delivery raps Saha on the thigh pad. Saha off the mark with a single, guides this length ball angling a bit outside off to third man. Gill cuts this length ball over backward point and just short of the man at third man.


Gujarat Titans: Matthew Wade, Wriddhiman Saha (wk), Shubman Gill, Hardik Pandya (c), David Miller, Rahul Tewatia, Rashid Khan, Sai Kishore, Mohammed Shami, Yash Dayal, Alzarri Joseph.

Lucknow Super Giants: KL Rahul (c), Quinton de Kock (wk), Deepak Hooda, Marcus Stoinis, Ayush Badoni, Krunal Pandya, Jason Holder, Karan Sharma, Avesh Khan, Dushmantha Chameera, Mohsin Khan.

TOSS: Gujarat Titans wins the toss and elects to bat. Three changes for Gujarat Titans – Lockie Ferguson, Sai Sudharsan and Pradeep Sangwan miss out and Matthew Wade, Sai Kishore and Yash Dayal come in. For Lucknow Super Giants – Ravi Bishnoi is out and Karan Sharma comes in.

18:58 IST: There are two debutants from both teams today. Karan Sharma has received his cap for Lucknow Super Giants while Tamil Nadu spinner Sai Kishore will play his first game for Gujarat Titans.

PITCH REPORT: The pitch is in the centre, so no lopsided boundaries. Not much of grass and a little bit dry, but the pitch has held its firmness.

Who will win the battle of the brothers tonight?



Lucknow Super Giants beat Kolkata Knight Riders by 75 runs

Royal Challengers Bangalore beat Chennai Super Kings by 13 runs

Chennai Super Kings beat Sunrisers Hyderabad by 13 runs

Lucknow Super Giants beat Punjab Kings by 20 runs

Rajasthan Royals beat Royal Challengers Bangalore by 29 runs


Beat Chennai Super Kings by three wickets

Beat Delhi Capitals by 14 runs


Beat Kolkata Knight Riders by 75 runs

Beat Punjab Kings by 20 runs


When Gujarat Titans faced Lucknow Super Giants in the clash of Indian Premier League (IPL) 2022 debutants at the Wankhede Stadium, not too many would have predicted what lay ahead for them. Six weeks hence, the newbies will square off against each other yet again in the battle for the top spot.

Even though the winner of Tuesday’s tie at the Maharashtra Cricket Association stadium will formally give IPL 2022 its first team in the Playoffs, both the Super Giants and the Titans are all but assured of a place in the last four. Still, the race for the table-topper will be critical for both the teams to go hard at each other.

Despite being tied at 16 points from 11 games and being unbeaten at Gahunje so far, both the teams will enter their last fixture at the venue. Hardik Pandya’s Titans – having lost its last two games – will be desperate to get back into winning mode towards the end of the league stage.

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KL Rahul’s Super Giants, on the other hand, will be hoping to extend its four-match winning streak. While Rahul will be gunning to close in on Jos Buttler in the race for the Orange Cap, Lucknow’s pace quartet will be eager to repeat its heroics against the Kolkata Knight Riders at the same venue over the weekend.

The Titans though will be banking on Shubman Gill to withstand the onslaught of Mohsin Khan and Co., with the left-handed duo of David Miller and Rahul Tewatia to come to the party later on in the innings.


The Indian Premier League 2022 match between Lucknow Super Giants and Gujarat Titans will be aired LIVE on the Star Sports Network at 7:30 PM IST on Tuesday, May 10. The match will also streamed live on Disney+Hotstar.

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