Google Password Manager: Staying safe online is in your hands, just do this

Google has rolled out several updates to Google Password Manager. These updates will help you keep your data and details safe and secure online. Know how.

Passwords help your personal data and information stay safe and secure. Whenever you set up a password, may it be for your mobile phone, laptop, or even an app, you are advised to keep a strong, unique password. The more strong your password is, the more secure your personal information can be. Especially in today’s internet era, keeping a strong password is of utmost importance to keep your details secure online. Considering these reasons Google informed via a blog post that Google Password Manager can help you create, remember and autofill passwords on your computer or phone: on the web in Chrome, and in your favorite Android and iOS apps.

Google on Thursday, June 30, 2022, started rolling out a number of updates that help make the experience easier to use, with even stronger protections built in. Google is rolling out a simplified and unified management experience that is the same in Chrome and Android settings.

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According to the blog post, if you have multiple passwords for the same sites or apps, Google will automatically group them. And for your convenience, you can create a shortcut on your Android home screen to access your passwords with a single tap.

Further, Google Password Manager can create unique, strong passwords for you across platforms, and helps ensure your passwords are not compromised as you browse the web. Google is giving you the ability to generate passwords for your iOS apps when you set Chrome as your autofill provider.

Chrome can automatically check your passwords when you enter them into a site, but you can have an added layer of confidence by checking them in bulk with Password Checkup. Google will now flag not only compromised credentials, but also weak and re-used passwords on Android. If Google warns you about a password, you can now fix them without hassle with the help of its automated password change feature on Android.

To help protect even more people, Google is expanding its compromised password warnings to all Chrome users on Android, Chrome OS, iOS, Windows, MacOS and Linux, the company informed.

If you want to add your passwords to the app directly, you will now be able to do that too. Google is adding this functionality to Google Password Manager on all platforms. In 2020, Touch-to-Fill was introduced by Google to help you fill your passwords in a convenient and recognizable way. The company is now bringing Touch-to-Login to Chrome on Android to make logging in even quicker by allowing you to securely log in to sites directly from the overlay at the bottom of your screen.

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