Google Drive finally has this popular feature to make your task easier!

Google has finally rolled out this famous feature that you must have been using with Microsoft Word, Google docs, and more for years! Check what it is.

Google has finally rolled out a famous and most common feature we have all been using for years! You must be familiar with this feature and it is very surprising that Google Drive never had it- rightfully, it should have been there from the beginning. Now, Google has confirmed in a WorkSpace Updates blog that Google Drive has rolled out the Copy and Paste shortcut for your Google Drive in the Chrome browser itself! If you had used the copy-paste shortcut earlier on Google Drive, then your attempt would have failed. It left users confused and most believed there was something wrong with their gadgets while it was all Google’s fault. But now, you will simply be able to use this common feature which has been part of our computer system for decades.

But thanks to the latest update, you will be able to use the shortcut on Google Drive too. The Copy/Paste feature will be working with the same shortcut keys. On Windows, Ctrl + C for copy, Ctrl + X for cut, and Ctrl + V for paste. Similarly, users on Mac will be able to use the same shortcuts with the command option instead of control with these – Cmd + C, Cmd + X, and Cmd + V.

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“You can now use familiar keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + C (or ⌘ + C on Mac), Ctrl + X and Ctrl + V to copy, cut and paste Google Drive files in your Chrome browser. This saves you time by allowing you to copy one or more files and move them to new locations in Drive, and across multiple tabs, with fewer clicks,” Google said in the blog. Additionally, a link to the file and its title will also be captured when you will be copying a file. This will allow you to easily paste them into a document or an email.

Well, Google took years to add this simple feature to the Drive, but now your task has been made easier. You can organize files in multiple locations without necessarily creating duplicate files all over your cloud storage system, using Ctrl + C, Ctrl + Shift + V shortcuts. Not just that, you can open files or folders in a new tab using Ctrl+Enter shortcut, so that you can easily view multiple files at once, or use different tabs to more easily organize files between two different folder locations.

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