Google Chrome users just got this new update! But ONE feature was slammed by Apple, Mozilla

Are you a Chrome user? Google just added these new features to your web-search browser, but Apple slammed this one feature!

Google Chrome has rolled out its new version Chrome 104 on August 2! Unlike its previous releases, Google released its new version a bit late. The last one was Chrome 103, which landed back on June 21. The trend is for Google to release an update every 4 weeks, but this one took 2 weeks extra. Chrome 104 offers to its users many new and some revamped features including Privacy Sandbox screen in settings to multi-screen enhancements for desktop and there’s a lot more.

However, one of the highlighted features of this version got a negative response from Apple as well as Mozilla! Know all about this Chrome 104 feature here.

Google Chrome 104 update got ONE controversial update

There is one specific feature amongst many in Google Chrome 104 that has not received a good response from Apple and Mozilla, it is the Web Bluetooth API in Chrome 104. According to Chrome, this basically allows webpages to communicate with devices over Bluetooth. Though, this software is not allowed to do so from cross-origin iframes. According to Google, this Web Bluetooth API opens multiple productivity and communication opportunities without compromising on security.

On the other hand, Apple believes Web Bluetooth compromises security and enables fingerprinting behaviours, which involves measuring the uniqueness of static device configuration such as built-in hardware, dynamic device or browser configuration and user browsing data

Similarly, Mozilla has also shown its concerns regarding the Web Bluetooth API and called it harmful.

“This API provides access to the Generic Attribute Profile (GATT) of Bluetooth, which is not the lowest level of access that the specifications allow, but its generic nature makes it impossible to clearly evaluate…This model is unsustainable and presents a significant risk to users and their devices,” Mozilla voiced its concerns regarding this API.

However, besides this, there are a number of new fixes to the existing issues and new developments in the latest Chrome version 104.

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