Cloud Computing – Careerindia

Cloud Computing – Careerindia

A shared set of capabilities, including data storage, cloud services, data processing companies, and programs, are accessible via the World Wide Web using the cloud computing method of computing. Note 1: Get to Know Cloud Computing Every person or device connected to the internet can access these resources, which are located in data centres all around the world.

Online Courses in Cloud Computing

Given that numerous businesses are moving to the cloud, there is an increasing need for cloud computing specialists. To begin your career in cloud computing as a newcomer, pick any of these online courses to gain expertise.

Online Courses in Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Sales- Udemy

The programme is intended for those who wish to significantly improve their quality of life by successfully pitching high-value Cloud Computing solutions to corporate customers. You’ll discover specific techniques for qualifying prospects using the appropriate question about their current situation and future goals. Also, students will discover what to contain in a proposition from both a business and a technological standpoint.

Becoming a Cloud Expert – Microsoft Azure IaaS – Level 1- Udemy

This course, which is a component of a broader education program titled “Becoming a Cloud Expert,” serves to provide a crucial building block in understanding how to move applications to the cloud utilising Microsoft Azure’s Infrastructure As A Service paradigm. Students will discover how to configure, administer, and establish network services, personal and private IP addresses, storage accounts, virtualization software, virtual discs, security policies, and a great deal more.

Introduction to Cloud Computing – Coursera

The first part of the course covers the history of cloud computing and the various cloud deployment methods, including SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS. Then, you’ll encounter serverless computing, microservices, and virtual desktop elements like virtual machines in cloud computing architecture. Last but not least, some security considerations for the cloud, include identification, security systems, and data center encryption.

Fundamentals of Cloud Computing -Pluralsight

You must perceive this Pluralsight course if you are serious about learning the theoretical underpinnings of cloud computing as well as the cloud technologies used by clouds like AWS, GCP, and Azure. The course has about two hours of video information and is intended for newbies. Start with comprehending some of the basics, such as the advantages of adopting cloud computing and the dangers associated with it.

Introduction to AWS Cloud Computing- Udemy

On Udemy, there is a brief free online course to teach you about cloud computing using AWS. This course was developed, by Software Engineering Evangelist Alan Rodrigues, who also possesses numerous cloud certifications. It’s the ideal way to learn about both AWS and cloud computing.

Cloud Computing With Amazon Web Services

The course begins with an overview of Amazon services before proceeding on to hands-on training where you will discover how or when to set up an EC2 instance that will serve as the host for your web application. The S3 cloud storage, where you can store your documents and other information, will then be covered.

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