Check out this HIDDEN Windows 11 Start Menu; it will make your job so much easier!

Did you know there’s a hidden start menu in Windows 11 for instant access to certain options?

Windows 11 was launched by Microsoft in October, 2021, which brought a redesigned desktop and a host of new features. The desktop layout was changed to give the display a cleaner look. While this has worked for some users, others have been struggling with it. But, there’s a hidden Windows 11 start menu that you can utilize for instant access to certain options to boost performance and cut time spent on any job.

Microsoft redesigned the Start Menu to accommodate for more pinned apps while pushing all apps behind. This change has made the process of opening an app through Start Menu tedious. The company has received a lot of negative feedback from users who are now preferring the use of third-party Start Menu launchers instead of Microsoft’s very own.

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However, not many users know that there’s another Start Menu HIDDEN under a key shortcut. This gives users access to all the necessary core and app options of Windows 11 for quick use. These include power options, task manager, file explorer and more. It even includes access to Windows Mobility Center for quick access to check battery status, adjust display settings, change volume from one place.

How to access it

There are several ways to access Windows 11’s hidden Start Menu

1. You don’t even have to remember a complex set of keystrokes to access this quick Start Menu. To bring it up, simply press Windows Key + X. This will open up the quick Start Menu with several options for use.

2. Another way to access it is by right clicking at the bottom of the screen.

3. Or you can double click your laptop’s trackpad to open the hidden Start Menu.

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