Career In Fintech: A Look At Job Options And Opportunities In This Emerging Field

Over the last few years, Fintech, or financial services and technology, has proven to be a game-changer in India. It has been critical in providing the BFSI sector with a digital toolkit that is allowing them to prosper and better serve their clients. The sector has reshaped the job market by offering a wide range of profitable career options in a variety of fields for both freshers and experienced professionals.

Career In Fintech: Job Options And Opportunities

Because this industry is driven by technology, it is always in need of qualified personnel. Fintech’s key functions are broadly divided into six categories:

Technology And The Product

According to a recent CareerNet research titled “Present Hiring Outlook in India and the Future of Work,” at least 69% of recruiters are looking for tech-based expertise. Fintech’s backbone and primary distinction is technology, which makes it a profitable industry. The cornerstones of any fintech platform are Mobile and Web Engineering, APIs, Backend Engineering (Python, Java), Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning, which leads us to the right set of opportunities in the sectors such as product managers, software developers, cloud engineers, and data scientists.


Digital Marketing, Online Acquisition, and Digital Promotion and Engagement are some of the marketing functions that Fintech can provide. A solid understanding of web marketing and the ability to analyse large volumes of data and trends would be crucial talents shared by most professions.

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Data Science

One of the most important differentiators for every fintech firm is Data Science. Data Scientists would employ data models on a regular basis to examine historical and current data and forecast future patterns in order to apply what they’ve learned to credit risk scoring, fraud detection and prevention, portfolio optimisation and asset management, customer retention, and other areas.


While most fintechs’ operations contain basic activities like KYC, customer support, and customer onboarding that are similar to those of a traditional financial services provider, there are roles that require more go-to-market knowledge, strong general management abilities, and those that are more product-oriented. Most of these positions require employees with strong communication and operational abilities, such as attention to detail, regulatory liaison, and business-enabling capability, etc.

Information Security, Risk, And Compliance

The skills needed to work in the fintech industry are quite comparable to those needed in traditional financial institutions. Furthermore, information security is by far the most important function in fintech, as it protects consumers’ highly sensitive data. Data breaches can ruin a company, thus information security professionals are in great demand.

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Support Functions

Fintechs, like any other company, have support functions such as finance, legal, HR, procurement, and internal IT. These tasks are critical to any fintech’s operation because they deal with the company’s ability to function. People with good functional knowledge and a cultural affinity for fast-moving, varied, and ambitious firms would be required for these positions.

With various domestic and international fintechs setting up business in India, the industry presents prospects for untapped talent across the country. It is fair to state that the industry is expected to create a large number of jobs in the next years.

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