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Avisa Smart Hospitals appoints Hamad Taryam Al Shamsi as UAE DirectorNew Delhi: Avisa Smart Hospitals has further expanded its horizons in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Avisa Dubai started off with the appointment of Dr Abdullah Yosef, Medical Expert. The company announced Hamad Taryam Al Shamsi, Senior Official, Ministry of Health of Northern Emirates, UAE, coming on board as a Director to strengthen the core team of Avisa Smart Hospitals in the Middle Eastern country. In addition, the company also declared the opening of its first offshore state-of-the-art office in Dubai.

Referring to the development, Vikash Sharma, Co-founder and CEO, Avisa Smart Hospitals, reaffirmed that the company is working on a mission to bring a paradigm shift in the healthcare system through automation, digitisation and expertise. He added “We have been looking for progressive partners eager to adopt smart solutions and the UAE is amongst our first steps in the direction. Elated by the recognition in the Emirates and the resolve to strengthen our services further, we are inspired to now have the acumen and foresight of a leading light like Hamad Taryam Al Shamsi,”

Al Shamsi talked about what inspired him to come on board as a Director to Avisa Smart Hospitals. He said “Every healthcare facility requires automation for better efficiency which will result in better patient care. The pain points of a patient journey and mis-management of hospitals is the biggest drawback of the industry, which is rightly catered by AVISA Smart Hospitals.” As the Director of Avisa Smart Hospitals, he will spearhead the expansion and on-ground activities of the company to foster innovation and further growth, including partnership with an increased number of hospitals across the UAE.

Avisa Smart Hospitals aims to revolutionise healthcare through a confluence of expertise and innovation. The company introduced a smart operate & manage model to collaborate with hospitals, take over their entire operations, management and integrate requisite technology, turning it into a smart hospital with automation and digitisation. This increases the efficiency of the hospital resulting in better revenue and reduction in leakages.

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