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Amid rise in COVID cases, ICMR issues guidelines for management of type 1 diabetesNew Delhi: Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) on Monday issued guidelines for the management of type 1 Diabetes. The guidelines are released by Prof. (Dr) Balram Bhargava, Secretary-DHR and DG-ICMR.

The guidelines have mentioned about the burden of diabetes increased among the young population in India, type 1 diabetes is commonest in children and adolescents, and challenges exist in providing equitable treatment. Diabetic complications can be reduced with improved control measures and better management leads to improved quality of life.

Dr Nikhil Tandon, Head of the department of endocrinology, AIIMS Delhi speaks to ANI and explained the major highlights of the guidelines about the Type 1 Diabetes affecting children and adolescents, management of the disease and complications.

He said, “Type-1 diabetes, predominantly manifests early in life – affecting children and adolescents, thereby resulting in a prolonged period of life spent with the disease. It is a potentially life-threatening condition, and if left undiagnosed and/or inadequately treated can result in acute metabolic complications which may lead to loss of life.”

“The guidelines provide a practical approach to the management of this condition and its complications. The contributors include specialists in the field of endocrinology, diabetology, paediatrics, nephrology, ophthalmology, cardiology, neurology, nutrition sciences,” he said

Dr Nikhil also said that these guidelines will provide “The text, therefore, provides a multi-disciplinary view to the intricacies of management of this condition. With wide dissemination and uptake, we hope that this will provide a significant impact on the health of individuals suffering from this disease.”

The guidelines come at a time when the COVID19 pandemic has disproportionately affected people with diabetes population, exposing them to a high risk for severe illness and mortality.

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