Alternative Careers You Can Have With A Law Degree

A career in law is regarded as a highly rewarding option. Many students aim to be successful lawyers, and being accepted into a good law school is a dream come true for many. However, many students only gain a practical knowledge of what law as a profession entails during their studies at a law school.

Alternative Careers You Can Have With A Law Degree

In the university, the study of law combined with internship experience with independent litigators, law firms, corporates, think-tanks, non-governmental organisations, start-ups, and editorial boards of journals often serves as a revelation tool-kit for law students, revealing that there are more professional options available to them after graduation in law. Law schools no longer exclusively generate litigators and law-firm partners, and while this revelation has come as a blessing to many, for others, such a wide variety of accessible career options only cause confusion about how to effectively use a law-degree to their advantage.

Today’s job market values the invaluable talents and experiences of a law student in numerous career trajectories, and a law degree has become a useful, integral initial tool for multiple employment.


While a journalism degree is usually advantageous for becoming a journalist, a law graduate can also pursue a career in media. An in-depth research will reveal that a Lawyer possesses all of the distinguishing characteristics of a skilled Journalist. A journalist must be active, able to detect mistakes, communicative, inquisitive, and argumentative. Well, the qualities of a lawyer appear to be no different than those of a journalist. A lawyer can be an expert in political and crime journalism since his or her comprehension of Indian Constitutional Laws and the Indian Penal Code is superior to that of journalists.


Teaching in law schools is a reputable and well-paying employment. People with strong academic records can pursue a Ph.D., which will allow them to publish their research papers across multiple platforms. There are numerous chances for research projects. Visiting faculty positions at private universities are in high demand. One must pass a National Eligibility Test (NET) conducted by the UGC and the CSIR, to become an associate professor of law in a private university.

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Blogging And Writing

In India, the law prohibits lawyers from advertising themselves. As a result, lawyers have devised a novel method of disseminating their ideas and works through blogging. The content writing industry in India has exploded in the previous decade, and it is now new fieldwork for each given specialisation. Many blogs dedicated to law and law educations have evolved as a result of lawyers’ astute approach. If you are an LLB with a flair for creative writing, this is unquestionably a career to explore.

Policy Analyst And Legal Relations

Businesses want lawyers for their analytical, leadership, and proactive skills. Corporate law graduates are regarded as the best counsel for business firms’ policy-making. To maintain a strong legal connection with the government, foreign business firms choose Indian law graduates. If you have a knack for administrative, statistical, and abstract subjects like future planning and prediction, becoming a business policy analyst after law school can be lucrative.

Government Service

Various law departments within the Indian government, such as the Department of Legal Affairs and the Legislative Council, need people having a necessary qualification in the Law stream to be appointed to government positions. To ensure that administrative tasks are carried out efficiently, the government needs Legal Advisors in almost every department.

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