5G ready soon! The first ever 5G call in India tested by Union Minister at IIT-Madras

5G ready soon! The first ever 5G call in India tested by Union Minister at IIT-Madras

As India’s first 5G call was successfully made by Communications Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw at IIT-Madras, the country has taken another big step towards being 5G ready.

India just did a historic first! For the first time ever, a successful 5G call was made by the Communications Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw at IIT-Madras. The Minister also revealed that the entire network was designed and developed in India itself. This test has showcased a big step for India towards full 5G deployment and it has highlighted the indigenous capabilities in building and operating such systems. Also read: India’s own 5G stack to be ready by Sept-Oct: Ashwini Vaishnaw

The Minister posted this video on the Indian microblogging platform Koo with the caption, “Aatmanirbhar 5G! Successfully tested 5G call at IIT Madras. Entire end to end network is designed and developed in India”. Earlier he had also said that the entire Indian 5G stack will be ready to deploy around September-October. He also urged other nations to look actively at these indigenous telecom stacks for cost and quality advantage. Also Read: PM Narendra Modi wants to roll out 6G in India by this date, check now

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India’s first ever 5G call tested successfully at IIT-Madras

“This is the realization of the honorable Prime Minister’s vision. His vision is to have our own 4G, 5G technology stack developed in India, made in India and made for the world. We have to win the world with this entire technology stack,” Vaishnaw said. It is expected that the Department of Telecommunications will move the auction proposal of 5G spectrum to the Union Cabinet next week.

While the testing has resulted in another successful step toward 5G technology deployment, it is not expected that India will see rolling out of these services before the end of the year.

“In today’s world where technology has taken a primary role in the economy, in this world, if the digital gap is not filled up by conscious effort, then the digital divide is going to accelerate significantly and we will not be able to fulfill or bridge that divide,” he added.

Earlier this week, PM Modi had spoken about the need for India to tap into these technologies. He also said that India is aiming to deploy 6G technologies by the end of this decade. A taskforce has also been created for the same and it has begun working to materialize the vision, he explained.

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