WhatsApp Communities to make group messaging EVEN BETTER! See what it is all about

It’s confirmed! The much-awaited WhatsApp Communities feature is coming to your app! But what will be changed with this new feature? Find out here.

Putting the end to the long-running development and updates around the much awaited feature, WhatsApp has finally announced a group-related feature, Communities. Along with several other new features such as Emoji reactions, Admin access to delete problematic messages, bigger file sharing, and up to 32 participants on a single audio call, the Community feature finally made its place available to WhatsApp. Though, immediately available to all the users right now, but with time, everyone, including you will get to experience the WhatsApp Communities. Now you must be thinking what is all the buzz about this new WhatsApp feature? Let us explain.

WhatApp Communities: How does it work?

Before looking at the working mechanism of this new WhatsApp feature, let us understand what exactly does WhatApp Communities means. In simple words, it is a feature that will allow WhatsApp users to club multiple group chats at one place. It will form a kind of community of multiple WhatsApp groups with more or less similar purpose as of a WhatsApp group. The Meta-owned messaging app believes that this way people can receive updates sent to the entire Community and easily organize smaller discussion groups on what matters to them.

So, what’s the need of Communities when we already have WhatsApp groups? The instant messaging app answered in a blog post! It says, “Organizations like schools, local clubs, and non-profit organizations now rely on WhatsApp to communicate securely and get things done.. we think there’s more we can do to make it easier to help people manage these busy conversations among these kinds of groups.” That’s where the need for Communities comes in.

“Communities will also contain powerful new tools for admins”

The new WhatsApp Communities will also give new powers to the WhatsApp group Admins. Basically, it will be the admin responsible for creating and managing a whole community on WhatsApp. Admin will have the power to choose which group will be the part of the community either by creating a new or adding the existing WhatsApp groups to a community. They will also be able to unlink groups or even an individual member. Giving more controls over managing the content that has been shared in these communities, as admins will be able to delete inappropriate or abusive messages or media for all group members.

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