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NEW DELHI: CPM general secretary Sitaram Yechury on Wednesday said bringing down the Narendra Modi government is the top priority for the party and claimed that a united front of secular forces will win the 2024 parliamentary elections.
“Attacks are being carried out on the democratic rights of the people. Isolation and defeat of the BJP is absolutely imperative. It is essential that this government must go,” Yechury said at a press conference here.
Replying to a query on efforts being made for creation of a united opposition front to take on the BJP in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, the Yechury said non-BJP parties would form an alliance, either directly or with some mutual understanding, in states and then they would go for it at national level.
“It will happen in every state, and there will be a united front of secular forces that will form government after 2024 elections,” he said.
Yechury said that his party will strive to unite the Left and democratic forces and form a joint front.
Citing incidents of violence and attacks on people, he alleged that the BJP-led government at the Centre is “aggressively” advancing the RSS’ “Hindutva communal agenda” in the country while practising “the worst form of authoritarianism”.
While the central agencies are being used against the BJP’s rivals, dissent against the government is treated as “anti-national” and sedition charges are slapped, the CPM leader charged.
The BJP government has mounted “a multi-pronged attack through the pursuit of rabid neo-liberal reforms strengthening the communal corporate nexus, looting of national assets, promoting crony capitalism, legalising political corruption and imposing full-fledged authoritarianism,” he alleged.
The five-day party congress, which concluded in Kerala’s Kannur on Sunday, has identified its main task in a political resolution as being that of “isolating and defeating the BJP”, Yechury said.
To achieve this goal, Yechury said the party decided to adopt a multi-pronged strategy which included the task of “significantly” growing the independent strength of the CPM enabling its political intervention capacities to be “more effective”.
“Simultaneously, the party congress decided to strengthen the unity of the Left forces and to forge the Left and democratic front based on an alternative policy programme, alternative to the policies of the ruling classes, and on this basis to sharpen people’s struggles,” he said.
He also said the party will work to forge “the broadest mobilisation” of the secular forces against “Hindutva communalism”.
“Party congress decided to counter the challenges posed by Hindutva communalism at all levels — political, ideological, social, cultural and organisational,” he said.

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