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When automated tools are used to optimise social interactions, the process is said to be social media automation.

By Piyush Rajesh Gupta

When automated tools are used to optimise social interactions, the process is said to be social media automation.

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Need for Social Media Automation

As social platforms get mature and more data is curated, it helps corporations improve their efficiency. It also helps them increase their profit margins as they can dedicate more time to other important tasks. Ref: Link

Benefits for Social Media Automation

Drive Revenue From Your Site

Social media is now your customers’ preferred business contact channel. Sprinklr helps you embed social media across all owned digital properties to optimise engagement and feed sales pipelines.

Maximise Team Productivity

Sprinklr’s planning, publishing, and reporting tools use AI to categorise messages by intent, automatically triage them to the right teams, and power “best responses” at every turn.

Protect Your Brand’s Reputation

Sprinklr’s enterprise-grade governance eliminates the risks of off-brand engagement by bringing approvals, rules, and moderation processes together in a single unified framework.

Automation as a Social Marketing strategy

  1. Look at social listening tools
Social media tools help in knowing what various people are saying about the industry for the brand online. This is majorly helpful in developing ideas for the product and social media posts.
2. Use Chatbots  Chats are a way to streamline the marketing efforts like customer support to valuable customers. It is a medium of interaction with the customers to help them with small issues.
3. Gaining Valuable Insights The valuable insight of the audience engagement, response and impressions can be found in one place with the help of these automation tools which makes the overall comparison easier.
4. Content Curation Ideas Many automation tools help you get curating ideas initially once you select the industry for which you are looking up. It brings up topics that the audience might be interested in.
5. Engage With Audience Social media automation tools are beneficial because they let you engage with the audience from a single place resulting in timely interaction with the audience. 
6.  Consistent scheduling The best way to improve online presence is consistency. The automation tools help you to be ahead of others and tedious tasks of posting are eliminated. 

Tools For Automation






Zoho Social



What Have We Done at HT Media to Automate our Social Journey?

Social Media Analytics 

Unmetric/ falcon onboarded which helps the team to improve various social strategies regarding what is going well. 

Social Publishing 

Echobox is in the early days but growth upwards of 20-30% is anticipated in the impressions. This is a judicious tool that reduces the manual efforts of the content that needs to be published.

Social Media Benchmarking 

Falcon from Unmetric is a platform that helps the team to make real-time decisions by analysing social performance.


Mere posting up on social media is not enough these days. The statistics show that it is important to monitor the audience constantly online. All you need for that is to choose the right set of tools and the right strategy.

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