KKR 162/5 (16 ov, Venkatesh Iyer 50*, Pat Cummins 56*, Daniel Sams 1/50)

Rohit: “Never expected him to come and play like that! Lot of credit to him for the way he played. With the bat we didn’t start well. Over the last four overs, to get 160-plus was a great effort… We had the game until the 15th over, but the way Cummins played… We thought we could have them. But this will be hard to digest – the way it turned out to be in the last few overs. There is a lot of hard work we need to put in.”

saikat: “All those hypes about Russell being tornado, cyclone, storm today but Cummins be like: hold my sixes! “

Maruti Suzuki ASKcricinfo stat: The most expensive overs in IPL history.

Rajiv: “What. Was. That. Huh.”

11.02pm I need time to gather my thoughts. Incredible. Outstanding.

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