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KEBA, one of the leading manufacturers of intelligent charging stations in Europe, presents its newest product developments and a comprehensive service offering at the “Power2Drive” trade show.

Carbon-neutral charging solutions
In spring 2021, the first CO2-neutral wallbox was introduced to the market with the GREEN EDITION. This was the result of an intensive debate on the subject of sustainability. With manufacturing in the heart of Europe and use of primarily European components, KEBA ensures short transport routes, already saving a great deal of CO2. The principle of “cradle-to-customer plus waste” also arose regarding the carbon footprint of the wallboxes. Building on this, measures were put in place to reduce or entirely eliminate the emission of greenhouse gases. There has been investment in certified climate action programs for the compensation of the unavoidable emissions. The entire product portfolio will be transitioned by the end of the year. But this step is also just an intermediate step. During an intensive strategy process, we’ve made it a goal to make the entire business segment KEBA eMobility carbon-neutral by the end of 2025.

Intelligent load management for up to 200 charging stations – KeContact M20
With the KeContact M20, you can integrate up to 40 or up to 200 charging points, depending on model, into an intelligent and dynamic load management system. The charge management controller is securely built into the control cabinet or network cabinet and controls the distribution of the available electrical energy to the respective charging stations. In combination with the easy to operate and secure charging stations from KEBA, large charging parks can be easily created with the new charge management controllers. During product development, a particular focus was on the use cases “Fleet Charging”, the charging of company or lease fleets, as well as “Charging at Destination”, such as in hotels, shopping centres or comparable destinations.

Also novelties in the scope of service
In addition to the numerous new products, KEBA also presents a number of new services for customers and partners.

For example, from mid-May, an exchange service will be offered in the D-A-CH region. If a wallbox has a defect, a KEBA service partner will exchange the charging station for an equal or higher-quality model within 4 working days.

A Full-Service package will also be offered for operators of charging stations. In this, the services are individually adapted to the requirements of the customer. A hardware exchange service, a software problem solution or extended technical support are only some of the areas that can be combined into one service package.

A new, modular training offering will also be presented. The participants should be optimally prepared for the technical subjects and be able to expand their knowledge in a modular way.

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