Career Options after MA History in India

History is among the most well-liked humanities courses at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. But the number of students certainly aren’t aware of the various careers that education in this field may open up. The easiest largest and best career in this field is that of a professor at a higher education institution, but even in this case, it is crucial to know how to plan to secure employment after obtaining a degree.

Career Options after MA History

Also, historians can discover better employment options abroad. They are capable of holding the same professions stated earlier. Opportunities can be found in both the public and private sectors.

Career Options for MA History

Here is a list of career prospects for history postgraduates


Each civilizations and society has a particular history. Seals, monuments, structures, texts, and other artifacts from the past that have lain underground for many years are the subject of archaeology. Becoming an archaeologist can be one of the top career options if history interests you.


In addition to helping people get data sources, archivists are skilled information specialists. Archivists control and examine everything, including paper documents, video content, pictures, and electronic files. Public research is now more likely as a result.

Museum Education Officer

The programmes are created by the museum education officer to provide a rich learning environment for all ages. His job entails establishing connections with colleges and schools to draw visitors to the exhibition and promote the local history.


Teaching is among the most popular job roles for MA in History programme graduates. Students can work as full-time teachers or part-time trainers in the elementary, intermediate, or postsecondary education sectors. History teachers have the chance to order to meet this objective, impart knowledge, and advance the teaching profession.


A second typical career path for MA in History graduates is research. Graduates can work in universities, industry, research organizations, or other organisations in research-related fields. History research professions give you the chance to carry out independent study, share your findings, and advance the discipline.

Historic Preservationists

The long-term maintenance of records and antiquities in collections and exhibits is the responsibility of historic preservationists. They are also referred to as conservators or museum technicians. They keep detailed records of every item to keep a record of its place and state. It could be displayed, stored, or in transit, for example.


For the benefit of universities and colleges, curators oversee collections of works of art and historical artifacts. These holdings might contain sculptures, artworks, money, artifacts from antiquity, and more. Also, they are in charge of gathering and keeping track of the items used in public displays. They frequently have to bargain for this with other museums and individual individuals.

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