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AVISA Smart Hospitals, Le Crest Hospital launch smart hospital in GhaziabadNew Delhi: AVISA Smart Hospitals has in association with Le Crest Hospital, announced the launch of the first smart hospital of Ghaziabad. The 250-bedded Le Crest Hospital is getting upgraded and transformed into smart hospital with state-of-the-art infrastructure including top notch equipment and systems, including MRI and linac machine and complete smart hospital eco – system leveraging technology which is inclusive of HIMS, medical IoT device, remote patient monitoring device, Avisa Smart health card, digital prescriptions, doctor app , centralised automation, smart supply chain system etc to increase operational efficiency of hospital and improved patient centric care leading to their better quality of care.

Speaking about the development, Dr Raja Dutta , Director, AVISA Smart Hospitals elaborated on the reason to tie up with existing hospitals, “AVISA aims to solve the pain points of patients as well as hospitals by providing improved patient centric care and seamless patient journey whilst increasing the operational efficiency of the hospital. For better efficiency of the hospital, AVISA brings technology with complete medical infrastructure consisting of hardware, software, medical devices & equipment, manpower and resources with expertise in operations and management, to make the hospital efficient to ease the patient journey and increase the hospital growth.

AVISA aims to solve the patient pain points and smoothen the patient journey , but it wouldn’t be completely possible, unless the treatment place ‘hospital’, becomes smooth and efficient. The company took an initiative to fix the problems of the healthcare ecosystem with technology and operation strategy , for which acquisition became essential .

The association between Le Crest and AVISA Smart Hospitals is expected to increase the footfall of the hospital by nearly 100 patients over the next 6-8 months through efficient turnaround strategy, strong marketing reach and bringing star doctors adding multiple specialisation. Patient acquisition and retention, which is top priority, is also slated to increase by up to 60-70 per cent because of the association.

The company’s interconnected cutting-edge healthcare system facilitates the stakeholders of the hospital – doctors, diagnostic facilities, pharmacies and management – to work together in a coherent manner to treat the patients. The inclusion of smart doctors to the team, along with a top grade marketing team, will lead to better confidence in the hospital by the patients as well as enhanced revenue for the hospital.

The importance of operations management in healthcare cannot be overstated, as the healthcare industry is incredibly diverse, and operations often require unique solutions based on a variety of factors. AVISA brings positive and revolutionary change in healthcare by establishing a chain of smart hospitals through smart operation and management model which stands out most efficiently from the rest.

With more such associations in the pipeline across different parts of India, the company is on a spree to revolutionise the health tech sector in the country while expanding the success of its model in the UAE.

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